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Bail bonds are expensive, but you need one to rescue your friend or family member from jail. To talk to a bail agent from Temecula Bail Bond Store about getting a discount, call 951-684-4484 .

Temecula Bail Bond Store

Have you ever come across something that you needed to pay for, but you couldn’t afford it? The answer would be yes if you ever needed to bail a friend or family member out of jail. Bail bonds are expensive, and some bail bond companies do not seem to care if their clients can afford the bond or not. However, that is not the case with Temecula Bail Bond Store.

We care about our clients, and want to make sure they can afford to bail their loved ones out of jail. That is why we offer discounts for qualified clients. If you, or one of your co-signers, are a member of AARP, the military, or a union, you qualify for the discount. You can also get the discount if you are a homeowner, or have a private attorney.

The discount we offer at Temecula Bail Bond Store takes 20% off the bail bond. An example of the discount would be as follows: your loved one’s bail is set at $10,000. To bail him or her out, it would normally cost you 10% of the bail price, so in this case, that would be $1,000. With our discount for the same bail, you would only need to pay $800. That means you save $200 dollars.

This can mean the difference between your loved one being left behind bars, or being released. That is why we offer this discount to our clients at Temecula Bail Bond Store. We want you to be able to afford to bail out your friend or family member.

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