When a defendant does not have access to the entire bail amount, they can call a Licensed Bail Agent at Riverside Bail Bonds and arrange to post a bail bond. The defendant themselves can arrange the bail bond, or they can have a friend of family member arrange the bail bond for them.

When you contact Riverside Bail Bonds we will walk you through the bail bond process. We will help you secure the necessary premium and collateral necessary for the bail bond.

Once the premium and, if required, collateral are arranged, the bail agent promptly informs the jail that bail has been posted. At that point the facility releases the defendant with the condition that they will appear at all scheduled hearings. A bail agent will meet with the defendant after his or her release to review the bail agreement.

Understanding Bail Bond Store Process

The main concept behind bail bonds is pretty easy to understand. In essence, the defendant and his council post bail bonds in order to keep the accused out of jail. Most of the time, certain crimes and misdemeanors require the one who is accused to append at least a night in jail— a repercussion that the defendant can skip by posting bail.

It is important to understand that the process and the requirements for posting bail bonds usually differ from case to case. For one, the amount of money that one requires in order to post bail highly depends on the kind of crime that he is being accused of.

Obviously, graver crimes require more bail money. The amount of time that one needs to post bail also depends on the processing of the court where the case is filed. The process usually takes an hour at the maximum, though, which means that the accused need not worry about having to spend more time in prison than necessary.

Requirements for Bail Bond Store Payments

There are three main things that a defendant needs in order to file for bail bonds payments.
The first, and the most obvious, is money. The defendant requires enough money in order to foot the premium of the bail. The amount depends on the severity of the crime and on the decision of the court.

Forms are also another important requirements of bail bonds payments, and it is necessary that they are filled out by someone who is familiar with the process. If you find yourself in the wrong side of the law, get the help of an agent or a bail bondsman for this part of the process.

Another requirement for bail bonds payments is collateral. The collateral is supposed to cover the amount that is not covered by the premium that the defendant will be paying. An attorney usually helps for this part of the process, for they are well-versed in determining the right collateral deserved by the case.