Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“My little brother had got himself into some trouble which ultimately landed him in jail. After seeing my mom so upset i searched bail bonds in riverside and came across Riverside Bail Bonds. I was very pleased with the help and information they offered us. not only was their bail agents friendly but also very understanding and informative. Thanks to their help my brother was released shortly after.”

-Noemi L.


“Went out to riverside with some buddies. Ended up in some trouble. Never thought I’d have to bail a friend out (nor did I really want to) only because I had no idea had to. But the process was made very easy. I was walked step by step and instructed on how to consign. Really appreciated the help. As well as the friendly service.”

-David L.


“Great and helpful agent. Called in for my friend , got all the information and help I needed. Thank you for your great customer servoce.”

-Marlene N.


“I received great service , very friendly and informative, as they walked me through the process step by step.”

-Rush Now


“Great customer service and very reliable. Marco was very professional during all the paperwork I had to review. My Brother in law was out within 4 hours of making the payment. Riverside bail bonds has 20% discount to offer and easy quick payment to pay off your bail. I will most definitely refer them to friends and family. Thank you Marco for everything!”

-Rene M.


“I found this company after going out to riverside to spend thanksgiving with family. Didnt think we would need bail services on what was suppose to be a family get together. But id like to thank the bail agent that helped my family with that ordeal. My brother was out within a few hrs and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day.”



“Thank you Marco for your great costumer service. you made the process really easy and accommodating. Didnt think i would even qualify to bail my cousin out of jail but luckily we were able to.”

-Anthony M.


“Didnt get a bond but did have a couple questions.great costumers service and very helpful and informative agents.”

-Jesse M.


“Customer service was great. Helpful and informative.”

-Luis A.


We bailed out a good friend of ours with Riverside Bail Bonds. I was so impressed with the professionalism and the care we were all shown during this time. Hopefully we’ll never need your services again , but if we do , we definitely will be using your services again .

-Thomas M.


When I called Riverside Bail Bonds,I knew nothing about how the process works.The people I spoke with we’re so helpful and patient in explaining the process step by step.I appreciate all of your help,and if ever in need of your services again,I would definitely be in contact with Riverside Bail Bonds.I sincerely Thank you

-Maryh M.


Amazing people to deal with. I don’t usually write a review but they went above and beyond the call of duty. Natalia was very helpful and knowledgeable. Her great knowledge of process and network has made it an unforgettable personal experience. She took her time to explain details about posting a bond that I had no idea about.

-Stella R.


I am happy to provide my feedback on your bail bond service. It was great!!! Not having to use this kind of service before, Becky was kind to guide me through the process. She was there to answer the phone when I called, and it was way after normal business hours. I hope I do not need your services again, but if I do, it will be your company I call. Thanks again Becky for being there when we needed help.

-Kathy H.


Customer service was helpful and informative, was provided with all the information i needed. Bail agent was on time and friendly.

-Matthew Y.


The customer support was really respectful of my whole situation and was able to help me quickly. I was terrified about dealing with this personal situation and these guys helped me with some of the best service I could ask for. I would definitely recommend Riverside Bail Bonds to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

-Alex H.