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Why Modern Generation Is Losing the True Meaning of Love

Why Modern Generation Is Losing the True Meaning of Love

The true meaning of love has vanished in today’s society, by having virtual lives on the social media.
Shakespeare wrote that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”, but what if we as a generation are focusing too much on looking with the eyes, rather than our minds?

We live in the era of virtual lives. We throw ourselves into taking the perfect Instagram pic, articulating the perfect Facebook status, and coming up with the perfect Tweet. Our online personas are exactly how we want them to be because that is how we want people to see us, but we as humans are inherently imperfect.

There is a growing problem among our generation: we are confusing the people we see online with the people we meet in real life, and in turn, we make little effort to develop a relationship with the person they truly are.

No one can live up to the image they portray on social media, we set ourselves impossibly high boundaries by basing our standards on the actors and models that we see all over television and social media, and as a result, we can never live up to the alter ego we portray online.

Gone are the days of dating, love letters, and meaningful gestures; instead they are replaced with a like, a poke, and if you’re feeling daring you may even ‘pop up’ and this has affected our relationships in so many ways.

The desperation to portray a perfect life on social media has started to include our relationships, which we also try to portray as perfect, and this puts undue pressure on the relationships we have.

Relationships are naturally imperfect
We make mistakes and we learn from them, we do better the next time, but when we put pressure on our relationships by plastering them all over social media, we are forcing ourselves into a kind of relationship we aren’t ready for. This includes saying the L word before you’re ready for it and spending all of your time together taking ‘cute photos’.

We no longer make time to talk and spend quality time together, and it threatens to deteriorate our relationships altogether.

So how do we fix it? How can we find again the true meaning of love?
There is an ever so simple remedy to this problem, and it’s simply to make time for each other, talk to each other, and learn to love each other with your minds.

Learn to love the mind of your partner and love them completely; don’t feel the need to put it all on social media. Your relationship belongs to you; it is down to you to make it work, so make an effort to really and truly fall in love with your partner.

Catfishing and Dating Apps

Catfishing and Dating Apps

As time goes on, dating apps and online dating are becoming increasingly more popular. While this has helped many people find the love of their life, it has also led to quite a bit of pain for some people. Unfortunately, not everyone online is who they say they are. This fact can lead to a lot of heartbreak when a person pretends to be someone else on a dating website.

Most people know of this kind of thing as catfishing. This is when a person pretends to be someone else on social media sites. Typically, the intent of doing such a thing is to either better meet implied social criteria, such as being a certain weight, or to scam people into giving money away.

When a person pretends to be someone they are not, and enters into an online relationship with a person, they can cause some serious emotional damage. To them, the relationship is not real, but to the person they are catfishing, the relationship is very real. When the victim inevitably discovers the truth of the matter, they can be devastated.

A person who falls victim to something like this can suffer:
• Emotional damage
• Potential loss of money
• Psychological damage
• Public embarrassment

None of this is fun, which is why people who use online dating sites or apps should be aware of the signs of being catfished. A person should always check the other person’s profile page, and see how much information is actually there. Is there a lot of information about the person? Are there linked social media accounts? Check the linked accounts. Fake accounts typically don’t have a lot of friends, nor do they have a lot of activity on them.

Lastly, the person should consider the interactions they have had with the other person. If the suspected catfisher has been inconsistent, or avoids meeting with the person, then there is a pretty good chance of them not being honest.

Online dating can be a great way for a person to meet “the one”, however people should be cautious. Not everyone is who they say they are online.

What Is a Watson Murder Charge?

What Is a Watson Murder Charge

This is one of those many legal terms out there that worry people the moment they hear it. They have no idea what the term can mean, and that causes quite a bit of fear. When someone is facing a Watson Murder charge, they should be very concerned.

A Watson Murder charge occurs when a person commits DUI and kills someone as a result. The name for this charge comes from the ruling in the People v. Watson court case. This allows someone to be charged of second degree murder if they kill someone while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A Watson Murder charge is a felony offence, and comes with very hefty penalties. A person convicted of a Watson Murder charge will face 15 years, to life in a California state prison. They will also face a fine that can be as much as $10,000.

Driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is never a good idea. Doing so not only puts the driver at risk, but risks the lives of everyone else on the road. If a person accidently kills someone while committing DUI, then they can count on receive a harsh punishment. This just gives more reasons to never drink and drive.

Mudslide Preparation

Mudslide Preparation

Most Californian’s know to be prepared for earthquakes and fires, but often overlook another common natural disaster within the state. We received a lot of rain in the early parts of 2017 in California. Then things dried up and we experienced plenty of fires as a result. Since we’ve had several large fires and winter storms are now here, we need to be prepared for mudslides.

Mudslides happen when the ground soaks up high amounts of water and then breaks away. With plenty of vegetation burned away from the fires, most of our hill sides don’t have enough vegetation to hold themselves together. All it takes is one good downpour and the hillsides could breakaway.

Ready.gov is an excellent place to gather information of how to prepare for natural disasters like mudslides. They have several highly recommended steps to take in order to help you be more prepared. They break their plans into three categories: before, during and after.

Before Mudslides
• Prepare an emergency kit.
• Form a plan.
• Know the land around you.
• Consult your insurance company.
• Planting ground cover on hills.
• Build retaining walls.
• Build channels to direct water flows.

During a landslide
• Listen for usual sounds.
• Move away from debris paths.
• Avoid rivers and low lying areas.
• Curl up into a tight ball if you cannot escape.

It’s important to always be prepared for any disaster. Unfortunately we don’t always know when they’ll hit. Take the first steps today and become more prepared for tomorrow.

Don’t Eat Tide Pods

Don’t Eat Tide Pods

It should come as a surprise to no one that there is yet another new “challenge” trending on the internet amongst kids. Unfortunately, like so many other trends before, this one is incredibly dangerous. This latest challenge is called the Tide Pod Challenge, and the goal is for a person, usually a child, to ingest either a Tide Pod, or the liquid itself.

For many adults, it is easy to see how this is a very bad idea. The liquids in these pods can be incredibly toxic if ingested, which can cause serious problems or even death. Unfortunately, there are many kids and teens out there that are actively attempting this challenge and putting themselves in serious danger.

As with many other dangerous fads that have come and gone over the years, it is important for parents to talk to their kids. Make sure they know that they should never give into peer pressure and that they can always come and talk to you. More importantly, make sure they understand that Tide Pods, and laundry detergent in general, should never be ingested.

Hopefully, most people are smart enough to understand the difference between food and laundry detergent. This horrible new trend is just more proof that a parent needs to monitor what their child does online, and just keep in touch in general. Staying in touch can be difficult in our fast paced society, but is the most important thing that a parent can do for their child.

Talk to Your Children about Bullying

Talk to Your Children about Bullying

Childhood can be pretty rough at times. All kinds of things are happening, and many times those things can feel bigger and more important than they actually are. As kids learn about themselves, others, and the world around them, they may develop some bad habits. The worst habit they can pick up, is bullying other kids.

Bullying is defined as using force or threat to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. It can happen at all ages, but it typically starts in childhood. People like to pick on and mock people who are different in any sort of way. This can be incredibly damaging to a person’s self-esteem. No one likes to be made fun off.

Far too often, you hear on the news about the worst possible outcome for bullying victims, the ones who have had enough and just want an escape. Nobody should have to go through that, parents or child. That is why it is important for a parent to be involved with their child.

A child needs to know that they can always talk to their parent, that there is an adult in their life they can rely on. Let your child know that they can always come and talk to you about anything, and that you will help them solve any problems that they may have. Make sure he or she knows to be kind to others, and to report any bullying they experience to a trusted adult.

No one wants to be bullied, and it is up to all of us to erase it from existence. It will not be easy, but by being there for one another, bullying can be conquered.

Have You Heard of These Strange Laws?

Have You Heard of These Strange Laws?

Just about everyone knows that not every idea is a good idea. We’ve all had ideas that we thought were great at the time, but learned in retrospect that they really weren’t that great. It can surprise some people to learn that even state governments have bad ideas from time to time. Some of these bad ideas become laws, and others do not. Some of these bad laws, are still technically in effect today.

Here are some examples of bad laws from around the country:

• In Idaho, it is illegal for a man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds.
• Also from Idaho, riding a merry-go-round on Sundays is a crime.
• In Rhode Island, any marriage where one of the person’s is a lunatic or an idiot is null and void.
• Montana made it illegal for married women to fish alone on Sundays, and for unmarried women to ever fish alone.
• Nudity is allowed in New Mexico, provided the genitals are covered on men, and the nipples are covered on women.

On top of these silly laws, there are some that are so bizarre that you would wonder how they ever became a law. What makes them weirder, is that multiple states have the same strange laws.

• Just about every state has some law limiting or outlawing sexual acts between couples, and/or the use adult toys.
• Several land locked states have made whaling illegal.
• Multiple states have laws against carrying ice cream cones in your back pocket.
• At least two states have laws about crossing the state line with a duck or chicken on your head..

Sometimes, bad ideas make it into laws, and unfortunately, those laws do not always get removed from the books. Thankfully, most police officers will not arrest people for these weird laws. This allows us to look through and laugh at all of the strange laws from around the country.

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Informative bail agents in Riverside

When a person is arrested, their loved ones will often begin to panic. They want to help their friend or family member get out of jail, but they do not know how. The reason being, nobody ever talks about bail or bail bonds. The only time most people learn about bail, is when they actually need it. This can lead to a lot of questions. Luckily for you, Riverside Bail Bonds has the answers that you are looking for.

  • What is the difference between a bail agent and a bail bondsman?
    There is no difference. Bail agents and bail bondsmen are the same thing.
  • How much does a bail bond cost?
    That depends on the amount of the bail that the bail bond is for. In California, bail bonds are always 10% of the bail that they are for.
  • How much do I have to pay up front?
    That depends on a number of different factors that are specific to your case. This is dependent on your loved one’s bail amount, and the financial strength of the co-signers for the bail bond.
  • What is a co-signer?
    A co-signer is anyone who signs the contract for the bail bond. Co-signers are responsible for making sure payments are made on time, and that their loved one goes to all of his or her court dates. There can be multiple co-signers for a bail bond.
  • Can I finance the bail bond?
    Yes, you can. We work with all of our clients to create personalized payment plans for each of them. This way, the cost of the bail bond is split into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.

Here at Riverside Bail Bonds, we know that our clients tend to have a lot of questions about bail and bail bonds. This is why we do everything we can to answer those questions. If we missed one of your questions in this article, you can talk to one of our bail agents at no charge. We offer free consultations to everyone.

To get your free consultation with a professional bail agent, just call 951-684-4484 or click Chat With Us now.

Bailing Someone Out Is Easier Than You Think

Easy bail process in Riverside

If this is your first time attempting to bail someone out of jail, you are probably curious as to how the bail process works. Bail is not a topic of conversation that comes up in normal situations. This leads to many people not knowing how bail works. Luckily, the experts here at Riverside Bail Bonds know everything there is to know about bail.

To start, bail is assigned to a person after they are arrested. A judge determines the bail amount based off of several factors. These factors are:

  • The crime committed.
  • The person’s criminal record.
  • The chance of the person running when out on bail.
  • The threat the person may present to the community.

The judge uses these factors to determine the person’s bail amount.

Once a person has been assigned bail, he or she can be bailed out of jail. This can be done one of 2 ways. Either the full bail amount can be paid to the court, or the person can hire a bail agent. If a person decides to pay the bail themselves, they will need to pay the full amount of the bail in cash to the court. At the end of the trial, the money will be returned to the person who paid it.

If the person hires a bail agent, they will not have to pay the full amount of the bail. Instead, they will only have to pay 10% of the bail to their bail agent. The agent will take care of the rest. The upside to hiring a bail agent, the person gets more flexible payment options with a smaller amount of money being owed. The downside, the money paid to the bail agent will not be returned at the end of the trial. This is because the money is considered payment for the agent’s services, which were completed once the person was bailed out of jail.

Bailing someone out of jail can be really easy, so long as you get a bail bond from a professional company like Riverside Bail Bonds. We offer discounts for qualified clients and personalized payment plans for all of our clients. Coming to us for help is easier and much more affordable than paying for the bail on your own.

You can talk to a bail agent right now by calling 951-684-4484 or by clicking Chat With Us now.

A Brief History of Veterans Day

Celebrating Veterans day in Riverside

Veterans Day is held on November 11th, and that date is fast approaching. For many, it is just another opportunity to go out and party. These people often times fail to realize the significance of the holiday. It is far more than an excuse to get an extra day off from work or to go out and drink too much.

Veterans Day is a day to honor all military veterans who have ever served in the armed forces. This is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which is day meant to honor those who died while serving in the armed forces.

Veterans Day was officially made into a national holiday on May 26th, 1954 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill into law. The bill to establish Veterans Day as a national holiday was proposed by Ed Rees, a US Representative from Kansas.

Before Veterans Day was established another, just as important holiday was celebrated on November 11th. This holiday was/is Armistice Day. This is a holiday dedicated to remembering those who fought in World War I and celebrating the signing of the armistice that ended the fighting. This holiday is still celebrated in many European countries today. Here in the US, it has been overshadowed by Veterans Day.

The reason for this, is due to Raymond Weeks. Weeks was a World War II veteran, and felt that Armistice Day should honor all veterans, not just those who served and died in the First World War. The first national celebration of Veterans Day took place in 1947 in Alabama, Weeks’ home state, several years before the celebration would become a true national holiday. Weeks is credited as being the Father of Veterans Day.

When Veterans Day rolls around, it is important to remember what the holiday is all about. Brave men and women have been risking their own lives to protect our country for hundreds of years, and this day is our chance to honor their memory and service.

Daylight Saving Time is Almost Over

Daylight savings information in Riverside

Daylight saving time. Every Californian has heard of this time. Most people know it as the reason we lose an hour of sleep every spring, and gain an extra hour of sleep every fall. This year, daylight saving time will come to an end on November 5th, which is good news for anyone looking to catch up on their sleep schedule.

The idea behind daylight saving time is to increase a person’s productivity by getting them to wake earlier. By starting their day an hour earlier, a person is taking advantage of the natural morning sunlight. They get moving and get to work sooner, meaning they will be able to leave sooner. This allows them to have more daylight hours at the end of their normal workday to do whatever they want.

Daylight saving time can be very advantageous for people who live in areas where the amount of daily light changes slightly throughout the course of the year. However, it is not helpful everywhere. For instance, daylight saving time is not very useful for countries along the equator, since their daylight hours barely change over the course of the year. On the opposite side of things, daylight saving time is also not very beneficial for countries too far north or south, since their amounts of daily light change so drastically over the course of the year that getting up an hour earlier does not make much of a difference.

Of course, with just about every idea out there, some people agree with the practice of daylight saving time, and others do not. Supporters of daylight saving time argue that it helps reduce energy usage, and can produce more business for many companies. However, some people argue that it does not affect energy usage, and that while the time change can benefit some businesses, it can harm others. Farmers for instance, function more around solar time, instead of a standard clock time. Unfortunately for both sides of the argument, no one can come up with any concrete evidence to support one claim or the other

No matter where you stand with daylight saving time, so long as you live in California, it is a part of your life. While the time change can be jarring at first, it can also be very beneficial. It is very nice to be able to rise with sun, get your work accomplished, and still have time to go out and have fun after work.

Remember, daylight saving time ends November 5th, so be sure to set your clocks back and hour.

Determining the Credibility of an Online Source

Online information in Riverside

Anyone who has had plenty of experience knows that any information they find online needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This is due to the fact that anyone can say whatever they want online, whether it is true or not. This is why it is important to learn how to determine if an online source is credible.

The first thing to look at when determining if a source is credible, is the source itself. Does the site that has posted the information have any connection to the information it is discussing. For instance, if a site for a dentist office posts about the benefits of flossing, than you could probably trust the source. However, if the same site is posting something along the lines of legal advice, you should find a different, more credible source.

Next, you should look at whether or not the source is biased. Just because information is biased, does not necessarily mean that it is untrue, just that the info may be misconstrued. Biased sources will often only present information that supports their cause or belief. This often leads to readers only getting half of the story.

Now consider where the article was posted. Was it on some random person’s blog, or was it on a national news paper’s site? One of those sources has proven itself to be reliable and trustworthy over the years, where the other has probably never proven that it knows what it is talking about.

By taking a close look at the source, you will be able to determine if the information being provided is accurate or not. Once you have determined the credibility of a source, you will be able to make an informed decision.