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Drug Possession Charges and California Bail Bonds

Drug Possession Charges and California Bail Bonds

There’s nothing funny about being arrested and charged for drug possession in California. While we can’t do anything about the drug possession charges, we can post a bail bond for you. By turning to us for a bail bond, you’ll only need to provide 10% of the requested bail and you’ll be released from jail. […]

Selling Stolen Vehicles in California

Selling Stolen Vehicles in California

If you’ve somehow acquired a stolen vehicle and are wondering if you can sell it in California, the easy answer is no. Knowingly selling a stolen vehicle in California could result in legal charges being filed against you. It is possible to be driving around in a stolen car and not know that the car […]

Resisting Arrest in California

No one wants to be arrested. For many, resisting arrest is almost a knee-jerk reaction. The problem with the reaction is that it can make any legal issues you’re already dealing with much worse. California’s Penal Code 148 PC deals with the issue of resisting arrest. When you read through the penal code you’ll discover […]

How Can I Pay for Bail?

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Think of all the ways you can pay for something: cash, credit, debit, or checks. That is plenty of options to pay for a piece of clothing, or for a bail bond. A bail bond is used to get a defendant out of jail pre-trial. Bail bonds are more accommodating than cash bail for their […]

The Risks and Rights of Bail Bond Co-Signing

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Bail bond co-signers have a very important role in the release of a defendant. Their role can often also be mentally stressful. Co-signers are often needed to secure a bail bond. Without a co-signer on a bail bond, the defendant will remain in jail. When a defendant does get a co-signer on their bail bond, […]

Keep Your Holiday Traditions Alive and Bring Your Loved One Home

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The holidays are filled with many small, intimate, family-only traditions, such as cookie decorating, caroling, opening a gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. You adore and live for these moments with your growing family, and you will do anything to make sure these little traditions are kept alive, year after year. […]

Jumpsuits for Halloween? No Thanks!

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An orange jumpsuit is not a good Halloween costume at all,and the best Halloween parties will not be in jail. Murrieta Bail Bond Store can help make sure that the orange jumpsuit is not your loved one’s costume, and that he or she is not spending the night in jail. If they are eligible for […]

Common Bail Bond Related Terms and What They Mean

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To most of you, the bail bond industry is probably a bunch of mumbo and jumbo that you don’t really understand.You hope you will never need to know anything about it,but for some of you, that will not be the case.Some of you will eventually find yourself wrapped up in the middle of it in […]

Count On Murrieta Bail Bond Store To Be There For You

When someone you care about gets arrested, naturally you would want to bail him or her out of jail as quickly as you can. At Murrieta Bail Bond Store, our bail agents will start working with you the minute you talk to them. With Murrieta Bail Bond Store, you get the bail help you need, […]

Drinking And Driving Among Minors Is Decreasing

Here’s some news that’s headed in the right direction: fewer teens and young adults (between ages 16 and 20) are driving drunk. Last year the percentage who reported having driven drunk (and under the legal age limit) was 7%. Only a few years before that was the statistic at 16%. This statistic came from a […]

What To Expect If You’re Arrested Out-Of-State

If you’re ever arrested out-of-state, depending on the crime/reason, you might expect quite a headache of a trial case. The state in which you are arrested is the state in which you will stand trial. If you are a New Yorker and were arrested here in California, your trial will be held here in California. […]

Why Wait? Call Murrieta Bail Bond Store Now & Start The Bail Process

While trying to bail a loved one out of jail you would want to use a bail company that have bail agents you can trust. The last thing you need is to deal with a bad bail bond company whose bail agents look down on you and treats you poorly. A good bail agent treats […]