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What Happens If a Person Misses a Bail Payment?

What Happens If a Person Misses a Bail Payment?

Most people have a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to dealing with bail. This is largely because most people don’t know a whole lot about bail in the first place. After all, they never expected to need bail. Still, that doesn’t mean that someone they know will never get arrested. In California alone, thousands of people are arrested every single day.

One of the big concerns that people have when dealing with bail, is what happens when they miss a payment or miss a court date? Everyone understands that missing either one of those would not be good, but they aren’t sure exactly how bad it is. Does it lead to harsh consequences, or does the person just receive a slap on the wrist?

There Is a Contract

When a person posts bail with a bail bond, they sign an agreement with the bail agent. By signing the contract, the person is promising to go to all of their court dates. They are also agreeing to pay off the money they owe for the bail bond. Breaking a contract does have repercussions.

Just like with any other contract, once a person has signed it, they are expected to keep to their word. This means that there can be very harsh consequences if a person misses a payment or a court date. However, before anyone starts to panic, things aren’t always horrible if a person truly misses a payment or court date.

Was It an Accident?

The consequences of missing either a payment or a court date are largely dependent on why they were missed. For instance, at Riverside Bail Bonds, if it was a genuine accident that led to something being missed, and the client responsibly contacts their bail agent as soon as they realize the mistake, then things don’t have to be so severe.

At Riverside Bail Bonds, we understand that life is messy and things that were once certain can become uncertain very quickly. Maybe something happened that made the once manageable payments difficult. When it comes to missed payments, we can work with clients to re-evaluate their payment plan.

If a person missed their court date because they were held up in traffic, or they forgot, they need to talk to their bail agent right away. When someone misses their court date, the court can consider the bail forfeit and the bail agent will begin trying to get into touch with the person. As long as the agent can get in touch with the person, they can help them set up a new court date.

Both of these outcomes are only available if the person talks with their bail agent immediately.

The Person Ran

If the person purposefully missed a payment or court date because they are running, then things will proceed differently. First, whenever something is missed, the bail agent will immediately begin trying to talk to their client. This includes trying all known phone numbers for the person, as well as contacting friends and family members to try and get the person’s whereabouts.

If agents cannot get ahold of the person, then the worst will be assumed and investigators will be called in to begin searching for the person. The investigators sometimes referred to as bounty hunters, will track down the person and bring them into the proper authorities to be arrested. The chances of them being granted bail again will be a whole lot slimmer.

The expenses for tracking the person down will be charged to whoever ran. If they cannot pay it, then whoever signed for the bail bond will have to pay for those expenses.

Sometimes Things Happen

Missing a payment or a court date while out on bail can be a very big deal. The immediate thought is that the person ran away, however that isn’t always the case. More often than not it was a mistake or accident and the person is still trying to follow the rules.

If that is the case, Riverside Bail Bonds is more than willing to work with our clients. We know that sometimes things happen. As long as our clients talk with us, we will help them deal with their bail.

If people try to run from the court while out on bail, they can expect to be tracked down. Someone will find them and bring them back into custody. Running just delays the inevitable and makes the whole situation worse. Sooner or later, everyone gets caught and has to face what they did.

Our Family Will Help Your Family

Let Our Family Help Your Family

The most important thing in this world is family. This close group of people, whether related by blood, marriage, or bond, is a group of people that you would trust with your life. You know that if you ever need help, you can count on them to be there and vice versa. You support one another through thick and thin so if one of your loved ones gets arrested, you will help post their bail.

Having this kind of support group helps you get through anything, even the arrest of a loved one. You and your family will work together to get your loved one out of jail. Make sure that when you hire a bail agent, they share a similar resolve. Here at Riverside Bail Bonds in Arcilla, we are all about family so you can count on us.

Our company was founded in 1987 and ever since we have remained a family-owned company. Each bail agent here is a part of the family, and like your family, our family works together to help yours. Even though you may only talk to one bail agent, you can rest easy knowing that our entire team is working behind the scenes to help you.

As a family, we know how important it is for you to rescue your loved one from jail. This is why our bail agents are available 24/7 to ensure that you can get the help you need exactly when you need it. We know that the longer it takes topost bail the more time your loved one spends behind bars.

Some of the other benefits that we provide for our clients include:

  • 20% Discount
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest payment plans
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral with a working signer
  • Se habla Español

You never want your family to suffer, so when you learn that one of your loved ones was arrested, you spring into action, and you are not alone. Riverside Bail Bonds in Arcilla will be by your side whenever you need us. You can count on our family to help you take care of yours.

Ready to talk to a bail agent? If so, call 951-684-4484 or click Chat With Us now for a free consultation.

Is Intentionally Spreading the Virus an Act of Terrorism?

Is Intentionally Spreading the Virus an Act of Terrorism?

The world is in a state of crisis as the COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic takes root everywhere. This has led to governments ordering non-essential businesses to temporarily shut down and forcing entire communities to lockdown. People are only allowed to leave their homes for essential trips, and when out need to practice social distancing by staying a minimum of 6 feet away from one another.

While self-isolation isn’t the most exciting thing ever, most people understand its importance. They recognize that if everyone does their part and just stays home, they can slow the spread of the virus and save millions of lives. Then there is the population out there that just can’t seem to comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Sadly, there are people out there that think their spring break is more important than staying healthy, or that it is funny to spread the virus even further. As if that’s not bad enough, con-artists are even taking advantage of people’s panic to make a quick buck.

People Do Incredibly Dumb Things on the Internet

The internet has become pretty infamous with some of the dumb challenges it has come up with over the last few years. While a few of the challenges were great and for a good cause, such as the ice bucket challenge, some were just plain stupid. The Tide Pod challenge springs to mind.

One social media “influencer” recently tried a spearhead a new trending challenge, the coronavirus challenge. The influencer posted a video to her social media account depicting her licking an airplane toilet seat with #coronaviruschallenge. Naturally, the video earned a lot of attention online, though most people seemed to condone the act rather than praise it. That, combined with the fact most videos under the hashtag are about how to stay safe during this pandemic led to very little, if any, copycats.

In an interview, the 22-year-old admitted that she did it to get attention and has gone on record stating that she doesn’t care what kind of attention she gets as long as she is getting attention. Apparently, the toilet was on her “sugar daddy’s” private plane and she had the common sense to bleach the seat before licking it.

Stay Calm and Don’t Get Conned

Another concern that people are now having to face due to the pandemic is scammers. Con-artists all over are feeding off of people’s fears and panic to make some easy money. Scammers have set up automated calls to randomly dial people and attempt to sell them things such as toilet paper, masks or gloves. The goal with these robocalls is to get people to hand over credit card information and make a payment for a service that will never be rendered.

There has also been an increase in coronavirus tracker apps and websites that exist solely to put malware on to people’s devices. People flock to these sites and apps to keep an eye on the scary situation. Unfortunately, these malicious apps and websites only exist to steal information off of people’s devices through the use of malware. If a person wants to keep tabs on the virus, then they should stick to using a trusted and reliable source.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is doing their very best to crack down on these scams

This Is a Very Serious Time

As far as the DOJ is concerned any acts where people purposefully try to spread coronavirus can be considered acts of terrorism. The same holds for even threatening to spread the disease. This is because the virus technically meets the requirements to be considered a biological agent.

This new take on any intentional spreading of the virus has been delivered to all law enforcement agencies across the country. Officers all over have been instructed not to tolerate such behavior.

As far as the scammers are concerned, the DOJ is doing everything that they can to stop them. Once caught, the scammers will face all sorts of charges that come with a lot of hefty fines and jail time.

When it comes to the so-called “influencer,” luckily most people seemed to be smarter than her and chose not to do something as dumb as licking a toilet seat.

What are your thoughts on how the DOJ is handling this and how they are viewing the intentional spreading of the disease? Should people who intentionally spread the coronavirus be considered terrorists? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

Do You Need Helping Making Bail Affordable?

Affordable Bail Bonds in Riverside CA

If you are trying to bail someone out of jail, you know how expensive it can be. For starters, the need for bail can come out of nowhere, making it impossible to save up for. Then there is the fact that bail usually costs several thousands of dollars. No normal person can afford to pay for a bail alone. That is where Riverside Bail Bonds comes in to lend a helping hand.

We provide our clients with bails bonds that only cost a fraction of the price of the bail itself. This gives our clients a much needed break. Here at Riverside Bail Bonds, our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. This gives our clients a 90% discount on the cost of bailing someone out of jail.

Unfortunately, this huge discount isn’t always enough. Sometimes people need a little extra help affording their loved one’s bail. That is why we offer qualified clients additional discounts. Clients who have a co-signer who is a union member, a member of the military, a member of AARP, a homeowner, or has a private attorney can qualify for 20% off the price of the bail bond. Clients with approved credit can get 0% down on the bail bond.

At Riverside Bail Bonds, we know that every situation and client is different. This means that each one needs their own, personalized way to pay for their bail bond. We accept payments in a variety of ways to give clients the flexibility they need. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit and debit cards. Clients can pay online, over the phone, or in person, whichever method works best for them at the time.

On top of all of that, we provide all of our clients with personalized payment plans to really make things easy on them. This way, the cost of the bail bond is broken up and spread out over several months, thereby making it more affordable. Bailing someone out on your own can be very expensive, but bailing someone out of jail with Riverside Bail Bonds can be cheap and affordable.

For a free consultation to talk to a bail agent, just click Chat With Us or call 951-684-4484 now.