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Barbecue Safety Tips

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Everyone loves a good barbecue party, and no one likes disastrous aftermath. To avoid the latter from happening, please review the most current barbecuing codes and laws for your area. Codes and laws may differ from city-to-city, or county-to-county. Here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Are you allowed to barbecue on your porch or in your backyard at all?
  • How far does the grill have to be from your trees, bushes, and your neighbor’s property?
  • What kind of barbecue grills can you use? Are you allowed to use gas or coal grills allowed to use?

You need to be careful of the proximity of your grill to other things that could potentially catch fire and even explode; you should also have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case. You will also need to be aware of any young children who may be present at the barbecue and make sure they do not get too close to the fire. One more tip: it would be helpful if multiple people knew how to operate the barbecue and how to use the fire extinguisher.

Why are we, Riverside Bail Bonds, talking about barbecuing and safety tips? Because we have bailed people out of jail for mishandling their barbecue. Most often they are accused of negligence or even child endangerment in the more extreme cases. We do not want this to be you, so we hope you take note seriously. However, accidents do happen.

If someone you are with is arrested, we will bail them out of jail too. We can be reached online or on the phone at 951-684-4484 .

What Fireworks Are and Are not Legal in CA

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Every year, there are incidents where fireworks are improperly handled and some people end up in the hospital with a serious injury or worse, someone dies. These are reminders as to why dangerous fireworks are illegal for Californians for their own celebrations. Only professionals with a license are allowed to set them off. And with July 4th coming up, we want to remind you of what you can and cannot do when it comes to fireworks.

Dangerous Fireworks include skyrockets, firecrackers, sparklers more than 10 inches in length, torpedoes, and more. These can only be handled by the official, licensed companies who put on the major fireworks displays for the cities. These are not to be used by private citizens.

Safe and Sane Fireworks include a few fireworks where it is okay for private citizens to use with friends and families. These include small sparklers and do not require a permit to use, just common safety. They may be sold in California, legally, only from June 28th to July 6th of each year. Sellers need a license to sell, and cannot sell to anyone under the age of 16.

It is a misdemeanor to violate any of California’s fireworks laws. Violators can be fined and put into jail for a year. If they are caught with more than 5,000 pounds of dangerous fireworks, they can face more years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Is that worth the risk on July 4th? Nope, especially since it risks safety.

Riverside Bail Bonds will, of course, be working on July 4th, as we always do because we work 24/7. We hope to not get any distress calls of needing to bail somebody out of jail because that means somebody’s July 4th celebrations went all wrong. Regardless, we will be here for you if you need us. We work quickly.

Chat With Us online or call us at 951-684-4484 .

What Kind of Bail Will Get My Loved One Out of Jail?

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“Help! My loved one is in jail and I want to bail him or her out of jail ASAP, but what type of bail bond do I need? There are all these different kinds!”

Riverside Bail Bonds is here to help break it down for you with the quickest, simplest description because we do not want you to waste too much time reading extra information.

  • Own Recognizance – when a defendant is released from jail and simply signs a promise to return to court. No financial payment is required. Eligibility for own recognizance release is up to the judge.
  • Cash Bond – the judge will determine the bail of the defendant, the amount of money owed in order to be released from jail. The defendant can pay the entire thing in cash. He or she will need to show up for all court appointments, and their cash can be returned to them at the end of the trial.
  • Bail Bond – also known as a surety bond. Used when the defendant cannot or would rather not use a cash bond. A third party professional bail bond company gets involved and will charge the defendant a premium, 10% of the bail amount that will not be returned at the end of trial. The defendant will need to show up for court or is subject to paying off the entire bail, losing collateral, and getting taken back into custody. For many, this is the more desired solution.
  • Property Bond – when property like homes and cars are at stake to secure release. If the defendant skips court or disobeys any other release terms, the court will take ownership of the property that was pledged. Not used as often as cash or bail bonds.
  • Immigration Bond – reserved only for those who are immigrants, documented or undocumented, and involves ICE. Similar to a bail bond and the defendant will need to appear for immigration hearings at court.

If you want more info on any of these types of bonds, please do contact us, Riverside Bail Bonds, online or on the phone at 951-684-4484 . We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have, and we can offer you free consultations for our bail bonds.

Which Is Better: Federal or State Court?

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If you have noticed, there is a Federal Court System that is separate and different than a State Court System. Do you know what the differences are? Do you know who will hear your loved one’s criminal case? Do you know how to prepare and what to expect? Here’s a quick breakdown of the 2 court systems.

Federal Court hears cases that deal with, or are related to, copyright and patent violations, federal law or Constitution violations, and cases between individuals residing in different states where the dollar amount exceeds $75,000. State courts will hear most criminal cases such as robberies, traffic violations, and family disputes.

Really, Federal Court is not “better” or “more ideal” than State Court or vice versa because either way, someone did something wrong and will have to pay for what happened. To prepare for court, speak with your lawyer. They are the best person to get you ready and to brief you on what to expect.

You should be as comfortable as possible during this time, both physically and mentally. In order to achieve this, Riverside Bail Bonds will help you bail out of jail. We provide low-cost bail bonds for anyone who needs one.

Learn more and apply for a quick bail bond when you are ready to by chatting with one of our bail agents online or calling us at 951-684-4484 . We work around the clock and always have bail agents and representatives ready. We will not let you down.

Common Bail Bond Incidents

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People get arrested for all kinds of crimes ranging from harmless to serious. Our team at Riverside Bail Bonds has really seen it all over 29 years of experience. Bail bond cases are never without stress and emotion, but trust us when we say, it certainly goes from worse to better with our help. We have bailed people out of jail for DUIs, drug possession, theft, trespassing, kidnapping, assault, some serious stuff. Some we see more often than others. No matter what the crime was or who the defendant is, Riverside Bail Bonds has been successful at bailing them out of jail. We make magic happen, to some degree. At the start of each bail bond case, there is quite a bit of tension between the loved ones. After our help, we immediately see a difference in the loved ones; they are more united and supportive.

Riverside Bail Bonds can help turn your bad situation into a better one and we will be more than happy and eager to help. Please contact us immediately online or at 951-684-4484 . Consultations are free.

Do Not Let Your Friend Spend His Birthday in Jail

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Just a few nights ago, you and some pals were out celebrating one of the guys’ birthdays. His real birthday is in a few days. It was a fun night, until it took a turn somewhere and the birthday boy ended up in jail. His bail has been set.

Unfortunately, he is not very capable of getting the resources and cash to pay for his bail, or find someone to help him out. Luckily, he has you. Being the great friend you are, you are not about to let him spend his actual birthday in jail. You are set on bailing him out before then. You too, are not capable of paying for the full bail in cash, so you go the bail bond route with Riverside Bail Bonds. This is not a “sketchier” option to paying for bail, most people use a bail bond because bail is so ridiculously expensive. Bail bonds offer more people the chance to bail out of jail, including your friend.

With Riverside Bail Bondsstrong> help, your friend will be out of jail in just a few hours. Regular payments will be set up so that whoever will be contributing financially will not suffer financial stress.

Riverside Bail Bonds is on your side to make this process as easy and simple as possible. Chat with a representative online right now or call 951-684-4484 to learn more and get your pal out of jail ASAP.

What Kind Of Collateral Can I Pledge?


Getting a bail bond requires a few items:

  • Premium – 10% of the bail amount
  • A co-signer
  • Collateral
  • The defendant’s loyalty to show up for court

Perhaps the one we get the most questions for, would be collateral. What can be used as collateral?

Collateral will fall into one of the four following categories:

  • Real Estate
    Property can be pledged as collateral as long as you still do not have to make payments on it.
  • Vehicles
    Likewise with real estate, any vehicles for which you are still paying off will not be accepted as collateral. You must own it completely.

  • Electronics

    Big screen televisions, camera equipment, video game systems, and DJ-ing equipment are just a few electronics that can be worth a lot of money.
  • Valuables
    Jewelry, expensive art, coin collections, and firearms are often used as collateral.

Whatever collateral is pledged will have to equate to a certain cost, which the bail bondsman will help determine. It is 100% acceptable if there is more than one item up for collateral.

For any additional questions you may have regarding collateral and bail bonds, do not hesitate to ask an Riverside Bail Bonds representative online or on the phone at 951-684-4484 . We can help you determine how much collateral will be needed, if any, in order to get the bail bond for your loved one. Get in touch today.

Do the Cops Need a Warrant for My Phone?


Cell phones are small objects that can hold a lot of information and secrets. When the police want to look through it, in most cases, they will need a warrant. Instances where a warrant will not be required are:

  • The owner gives consent to the cops to search the phone.
  • When the police stop a person with reasonable suspicion that a crime has been, or will be committed, and frisk them.
  • The phone is in plain view, the phone may be in plain view for the officers to take. However, when texts and phone calls are concealed, and the cops go through this data without reason, then the judge could throw out this as evidence.
  • It was seized during a search on public school property.
  • The police are in pursuit of the suspect who can easily destroy their phone, which holds evidence.

These are general exceptions to the warrant issue, and truthfully, it does sound like many exceptions. However, each exception goes into much more detail,and in actuality, a more specific instance within one of these general situations may suddenly require a warrant. If you are confused,just keep doing research and talk to a lawyer for the specifics.

In the meantime, we can help you bail your loved one out of jail since that is our expertise and we assure you that you will not be left feeling confused here. Contact Riverside Bail Bonds online or call 951-684-4484 .

Fraud Is Wrong, Bail Is Not

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Fraud is defined as: “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.” There are all kinds of fraud like credit card fraud, identity fraud/ theft, and disability fraud, to name a few. Fraud is a big problem in the United States, and disability fraud alone saw over 90,000 allegations last year. This issue was brought to our attention by the media reporting on a case of a New York man.

This New York man, John Caltabiano, claimed blindness from a work accident so that he can gain disability benefits. While he did lose sight in one eye from the accident, his other eye was fine. However, he still claimed he could not drive, cook, or even shave without help. He was later caught holding doors open for others, driving and braking in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian, and other questionable acts. Caltabiano was set to receive $1.3 million in benefits. Instead, he is now doing 5 years in prison.

Fraud crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the case itself, and the defendant’s criminal history. Some are federal crimes. Penalties can be fines and jail or prison time. Many defendants will be offered the opportunity to post bail and get out of jail for the time being.

If you ever need help bailing yourself or a loved one out of jail, the team at Riverside Bail Bonds can help you. Our team works quickly to get that bail bond over to the jail so your loved one can be freed. Costs are low, as we only charge the premium,10% of the full bail, and youare set up on a payment plan.

To learn more, please contact Riverside Bail Bonds online or call 951-684-4484 . Fraud of any kind is wrong, but bailing out of jail is not. If you need professional bail bond help, Riverside Bail Bonds will have your back.

Riverside Bail Bonds Will Take Care of You


When researching different bail bond companies who can potentially provide you with the best bail bond support you need, you will notice that many companies share similar qualities and services, but also drastically different ones too. It is incredibly important to pay attention to these qualities, and former client testimonials, as it could be the reason you end up paying more than necessary, or receiving slower responses from your bail agent. Here at Riverside Bail Bonds, we offer the following:

  • 24/7 bail bond service anywhere in California
  • Customized, low monthly rate payment plans
  • Free consultations
  • Phone approvals
  • Zero interest
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral with a working co-signer
  • Discounts for qualifying individuals

Our company has over dozens of bail agents and representatives who are required to take continual training classes to stay on top of the game. Our bail agents are friendly, approachable, and are truly invested in each case they take. We are a family-owned company and family is very important to us. We treat all clients like our own loved ones. We will take care of you, we promise.

Speak with one of our team members today and get that free consultation we mentioned. You can Chat Us Online or call us at 951-684-4484 .

What You Can Expect with Riverside Bail Bonds


Wondering whether you should help bail your loved one out of jail or not should be a no-brainer. So many horrible thoughts run through your mind about your loved one being arrested: he or she is in trouble, he or she is in danger in jail, he or she is surrounded by some hardened criminals, he or she is alone and uncomfortable. On top of that, you are not really sure what to expect from the outcome of your loved one’s trial. Depending on the crime or situation, will he or she be acquitted? Will he or she be sentenced for a few years, many years, life, or will your loved one sentenced to death?

Well, in California, there is no capital punishment, which should put your worst thoughts to rest. As far as being acquitted or sentenced, that is neither for you, nor us here at Riverside Bail Bonds to decide. What you can decide is to bring your loved one home pre-trial with our help. At Riverside Bail Bonds, we provide low monthly rate payment plans for your bail bond. We will walk you through the whole bail bond process so you know what to expect at this stage of your loved one’s situation.

Please contact us immediately either online, or on the phone at 951-684-4484 . We will not let you down.