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Time May Not Be on Your Side, but We Are

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Time is an ever constant factor in your life and, unfortunately, it isn’t always on your side. Sometimes it works in your advantage by getting you out of something that you might not have wanted to do. Then there are times when just don’t seem to have enough time to do everything that you want to.

Time can become very difficult when you are trying to bail someone out of jail. A big reason of that, is that you want to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. No one likes being in jail, so you have to hurry to help out your friend or family member. However, if you hurry, you don’t have the time you need to save up the money to pay for the bail. You have to wait to get enough money, but by doing so, you force your loved one into spending more time behind bars. So what do you do?

The best thing to do when trying to bail someone out of jail in California is to contact Riverside Bail Bonds. We are ready to help out sat any time. You can talk to our agent’s day or night, they will always be there for you. They will help you get started with the bail process right away and get you through it as quickly as possible. With our assistance, you will not have to waste precious time saving up for the bail.

Our agent start working for you the moment you talk to them. They will not waste your time as they work with you to figure out a payment plan for the bail bond. This will break up the cost of the bail bond, which is only 10% of the bail itself, and make it a lot cheaper for you. By reducing the amount of money you need upfront, we reduce the amount of time you need to save money, and how much time your loved one will spend behind bars.

Time may not always be on your side, but Riverside Bail Bonds is. We are always there for our clients whenever they need us, no matter the time of day. You can count on us to make the bail process quick, easy, and affordable. No other company can help you better than we can.

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How to Be Prepared for Bail

How to Be Prepared for Bail

Despite all of the planning that people do in life, there are still somethings that catch them off guard. One example of that would be the arrest of a friend or family member. No one planned on that happening, and yet it occurred anyway. Now you and your loved ones are trying to figure out how you are going to help your loved one get out of jail.

When it comes to bailing someone out of jail in California, the best way to do that is by contacting Riverside Bail Bonds in Menifee. We are a statewide bail bond company. Our agents can help clients bail someone out of any jail or courthouse in the state. On top of that, our agents will be able to guide you through the entire bail process.

Any questions that you might have about bail, our agents will be able to answer. They can even answer questions about your loved one’s arrest. All they need to do that is to be able to locate your loved one in the county jail database. To that, they need your loved one’s name, birthday, and county of arrest. Once our agents have that information, they can begin providing you with the answers that you are looking for.

In no time at all, you will have the answers you need to get your friend or family member out of jail quickly. We will not waste your time. Our agents can explain the bail process to you quickly, and help you get your loved one out of jail in no time.

Here at Riverside Bail Bonds in Menifee, we know you have plans, and that you want to get back to them. We will help you get your loved one out of jail quickly. With our help, you will be able to overcome the shock of your loved one’s arrest. You will rescue your loved one from jail quickly, and at a price that you can afford.

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Is Jail Part of Your Summer Plans?

Riverside Bail Bonds

Hopefully, you won’t be spending any time behind bars this year. The year may be almost by half over, but summer is just beginning. We are willing to bet that you have got some travel plans in the works, and most definitely, a lot of partying plans. That is the recipe for a great, memorable summer, and we hope it turns out that way.

Getting arrested would definitely make it a memorable summer, but we hope it won’t end up being a part of your summer. Trust us, getting arrested might be a cool story, but it is quite a pain to deal with. You sit in jail for hours, then you pay off your bail bond and spend the next few months going in and out of the courtroom. You probably miss some work days, and you definitely miss your freedom and time that could be spent with loved ones. It winds up costing quite a bit.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, we just ask that you stay safe, responsible, and smart. Do not do anything stupid or get caught up in an argument. You may know how to handle yourself, but you can never know what another person might do.

If you, or a friend, do end up needing a bail bond, Riverside Bail Bonds will be there to help get you out. We are available to assist you at any time of the day, any day of the year.

Get an Riverside Bail Bonds team member on your side by chatting online or calling 951-684-4484 .

Out-Of-State Bail Bond Options

Riverside Bail Bonds

The next 3-day weekend coming up is Memorial Weekend, and for many, that is a weekend that will be spent traveling! Whether going by plane, train, or automobile, take note of what is on your itinerary. You have a bunch of fun activities planned like the beach, hiking, and camping, probably with varying amounts drinking. Do everything responsibly because the best way to ruin a fun getaway is to end up behind bars.

People who are arrested in California can bail out of jail with a bail bond from Riverside Bail Bonds. We provide affordable bail bonds and custom payment plans that get defendants out of jail as soon as possible. We are available 24/7, and are more than willing to assist anyone in need of a California bail bond.

However, if someone is arrested outside of California, then Riverside Bail Bonds cannot assist with the bail bond process. A local bail bond company will need to be involved. However, that is not the hard part. The more stressful part in these instances is understanding all the details of the case, because more often than not, the defendant will have to be present for their court appearances, and their court appearances will be held in the city and state in which they were arrested. This means they will need to travel back and forth from California, make lodging arrangements, and work out a plan with their employer and family. Depending on the complexity of the case, this can be months of back and forth chaos.

Your plan for the 3 day Memorial holiday should go without issue. Just enjoy your getaway and relax with a little bit of booze. Drink responsibly and be mindful of your actions. No one wants to go from laying out on the beach to lying inside an uncomfortable jail cell, wondering what is going to happen next.

If you are ever in need of a bail bond, for yourself or a loved one, in a California, please contact Riverside Bail Bonds online or at 951-684-4484 .

This is Why People Choose Highgroove Bail Bond Store

Highgroove Bail Bond Store

We hope you will never need a bail bond, for yourself or a loved one, but if you do, we want you to know that you can and should rely on the team at Highgroove Bail Bond Store. There are many other bail bond companies in California, but here is why you should choose us like so many others before you:

  • 24/7 state-wide availability in California by phone, online, or in our offices.
  • Free consultations.
  • Phone approvals.
  • We have offices spread throughout the state from San Diego all the way to Northern California.
  • Custom payment plans.
  • 0% interest.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Financing is available.
  • Multi-lingual agents.
  • Fast, confidential, and courteous service.
  • 30 years of experience in the bail bond industry.
  • More satisfied customers than other bail bond companies.

Every other bail bond company can say that they care about their clients, but no one proves it like we do. We are a family founded and operated bail bond company, and our goals and values are built around this core importance of family and unity. We understand that your time and money is incredibly valuable, which is why we promise not to waste one second or penny.

We will work with you and your family on a custom payment plan tailored to your financial situation and we promise to be with you each step of the way. We are on your side and we want just as much as you, to bail your loved one out of jail. Reuniting friends and family is why we love our job, and our passion for this is truly identifiable through our service. You cannot find this anywhere else.

Highgroove Bail Bond Store can be reached anytime. Just call us at 951-684-4484 , chat with us online, or visit your nearest location.

A Mother’s Day Miracle: The Whole Family Together

Riverside Bail Bonds

All any mother wants on Mother’s Day is to spend the day with her family. She does not get a full family day like this very often anymore. Her children are older now. They may be away for college, or live and work in another state. They may even have their own little families to raise. In some rare cases, someone in the family may be in police custody for committing a crime. Getting everyone together can be a challenge in so many ways. Nonetheless, a mother deserves her special day, so the family will do everything they can to see that everyone is present. That includes bailing out the one who is in jail.

Bailing a person out of jail does not need to be as complicated and stressful as you might think. It is not going to be as easy as going for a picnic, but it will not make you lose all of your sleep, or your whole life savings. To get the best bail experience, contact Riverside Bail Bonds.

Riverside Bail Bonds is a top bail bond company in California. We will issue you a bail bond that costs 10% of the full bail amount. If the bail is $50,000, then the bail bond premium costs $5,000. The family will then be set up on a custom payment plan so they can pay this $5,000 in smaller increments with cash, credit, debit, and checks. Once all the details are laid out and the paperwork is finalized, the paperwork will be transferred to the jail for processing. After that, your loved one will be free to return home.

The time it takes between learning the bail amount, and signing the paperwork, can be a few hours. It may feel like forever, but in hindsight, it is actually pretty quick. If you were trying to bail your loved one out of jail without using a bail bond or a professional bail agent to assist you, you would be going the cash bail route.This method is more time consuming, stressful, and expensive for the majority of people.

Save yourself the trouble and headache and contact Riverside Bail Bonds for a free bail bond consultation. Agents at Riverside Bail Bonds are very much aware that you and your loved one’s time and money is valuable. They will kindly get you all the information you need as quickly as possible.

We will help you get your loved one home for Mother’s Day!

Riverside Bail Bonds is available 24/7 and representatives can be contacted online or at 951-684-4484 .

Bring Your Loved One Home to Mom for Mother’s Day

Riverside Bail Bonds

The ultimate Mother’s Day gift you can ever give to Mom would be the presence of a loved one whom she believes is stuck in jail. It is a gift that could change her mood from stressed and that her loved one is in jail, to being filled with joy and relief that this person is now in her arms.

Let us say that it is your brother who is in jail. With it being so close to Mother’s Day and knowing that his bail costs thousands of dollars, your mother believes that he will not be bailed out of jail in time. Getting the money for bail, and the process itself, will take more days that you all would like.

What your mother does not know, is that bail does not necessarily have to be that expensive or take that long to take care of. You take it upon yourself to handle everything so she does not have to. Your first order of business is calling Riverside Bail Bonds.

Riverside Bail Bonds is a critical component to an affordable, fast, and successful bail experience is because this highly recommended California bail bond company does all the work for a fraction of the cost. A bail bond will cost only 10% of the full bail amount, and it is paid off on a custom payment plan that is tailored to the financial needs of the family and friends. Approvals are made over the phone and your loved one can be released within a few hours. Riverside Bail Bonds is a family owned company, and we treat all clients as if they were a member of our own family. Plus, your Riverside Bail Bonds agent will be available to you throughout the entire process, making it as stress free as possible.

Surprise Mom for Mother’s Day and show up with your brother right by your side. Even though she will not hesitate to do so, she should not have to take on the burden of the whole situation. This is her day, and it is your turn to do something for her. You can turn this sour situation into a joyful one, just contact Riverside Bail Bonds for help.

Available 24/7, Riverside Bail Bonds can be reached online or at 951-684-4484 .

Bail Your Easter Bunny Out of Jail!

Riverside Bail Bonds

If tradition has it that your husband plays the role of the Easter Bunny every year, then it would just be wrong to have someone else stand in for the role this year as your husband sits in jail. Your husband is a father and even an uncle, he does not deserve to miss out on bringing laughter and smiles to the kids! His mistake was one small mishap that you all know is not typical of him. He is already being punished enough, and will continue to deal with the consequences later on.He knows this and will take responsibility for his actions when that time comes. For now, he deserves to be bailed out of jail in time for Easter.Riverside Bail Bonds, can help make that happen.

We provide families with bail bonds, which are the alternative to posting 100% cash bail. When you pay cash bail, a person cannot be released until 100% of the bail is paid. With a bail bond, loved ones will work with an Riverside Bail Bonds team member to do the paperwork.This includes jotting down contact information, co-signing the contract, and creating a customized payment plan. Our bail bonds cost 10% of the full bail amount,so if the bail is $100,000, then the bail bond is $10,000 and remember that this $10,000 is paid off in increments.

Once the paperwork is done between you and us, it is transferred to the jail where it will be processed. Then, your loved one will be released. Payments according to the agreed upon payment schedule will continue even after the defendant is released.

You see how bail bonds are more affordable and flexible, and how they will allow your husband to come home in time to put on that bunny outfit for Easter?

Riverside Bail Bonds is available 24/7 and consultations are free. Whenever you are ready, do not hesitate to reach out to us online or at 951-684-4484 .

How Long can a Person be Detained by the Police

Temecula Bail Bond Store

How long can the police hold a person without charging them? In many states, the police have a 72 hour window. In California, the police are allowed 48 hours to hold/ detain a person without charges being made. After 48 hours, if no charges are filed, then the police must release this person.

In this 48 hour window, the police or detectives must work closely with prosecutors. The police cannot bring charges against the arrestee. It is the prosecutor who does this. The police and detectives must provide the prosecutor with the proper and substantial evidence that a crime has occurred and that the arrestee was involved.

If the prosecutor does not bring charges within that 48 hour window, they can always bring charges against this person later on. The 48 hours refers only to the time period that arrestee is held under the police’s watch. Yet, the prosecutor may still have a ticking clock on when they can file charges, and this is called the statute of limitations. For example, the prosecutor may have a 3 year window to file the charges. After 3 years, the can no longer press charges because the statute of limitations has run out. For some crimes, like kidnapping and murder, there is no statute of limitations, so the prosecutor can press charges even 50 years after the crime occurred.

The legal system is complex and woven together with intricate rules. There are many parties involved, including bail bond companies like Temecula Bail Bond Store, who get involved as well. We work with you to make the bail process more affordable and easier to understand. If you ever need us, you can count on us to get the bail job done.It is one less thing for you to worry about.

Talk to us anytime you are ready; we can be reached online or at 951-684-4484 .

Be the Superhero You Always Wanted to be

Moreno Valley Bail Bond Store

At some point in our lives, we have all imagined what it would be like to be a real life superhero and what powers we would have. You know what? It is not all make-believe. You can rescue someone you love by bailing them out of jail. You have the power to get them out of jail and give them their life back.

Anyone who gets arrested learns, the hard way, how challenging it is to take on this situation by themselves.Posting bail, trying to adjust to their everyday routine while dealing with lawyers and trial, and keeping their family in good spirits. You can step in and save them from a lot of stress. You can contact Moreno Valley Bail Bond Store to get bail bond paperwork figured out, offer to run some errands on your loved one’s behalf while they meet with their lawyer, or spend time with the family to distract them from any negative thoughts.

Overall, you just need to show your loved one that you will be there for him or her. If there is anything you can do to help, you will. To them, you will be a lifesaver, a hero.

First thing’s first, you need to post bail. Moreno Valley Bail Bond Store can help facilitate this and provide an affordable bail bond and custom payment plan.

When you are ready, contact us anytime at 951-684-4484 or chat with one of our representatives online.

Your Loved One is Counting on You for Bail

Highgroove Bail Bond Store

If you are still waiting on your tax return, take this time to think about how you want to use this money. If you find that you have been a little short on money recently, this tax return will come in handy.

Obviously, you want to prioritize necessary payments. These include rent, utility bills, bank statements, and loans. For some families, a necessary payment can even include paying off a bail bond for a family member. This is a priority payment because it keeps the loved one out of jail. If you miss a payment, your loved one can be taken back into custody.

Your loved one is counting on you to help pay off their bail bond. You donot want to let them down. Consider putting your tax return money toward their bail. Talk to your Highgroove Bail Bond Store bail agent for further advice and guidance, since they are available 24/7.

You can contact us both online, and at 951-684-4484 .

Murrieta Bail Bond Store – A Team of Heroes

Murrieta Bail Bond Store

Heroes come unexpected and unannounced. They save the day when it seems like all hope is lost. Most often, heroes are fictional like Batman and Iron Man,but once in awhile, they are real people helping you at your most desperate moments.

Say you get a sudden, frightening phone call and learn that your loved one had been arrested. He or she is stressed and frantic, which makes you stressed and frantic. However, you are able to do so much more for them than they can do for themselves at that moment. If you are not really sure what to expect, you can talk to Murrieta Bail Bond Store.Right away, you will be blown away by how much wecare and truly want to help. After a few hours of our hard work, your loved one is out of jail.

See, your Murrieta Bail Bond Store agent saved the day; he or she is your hero, and you are your loved one’s hero.If you ever need a bail bond and a hero, you can rely on Murrieta Bail Bond Store. We will not let you down.

Talk to a representative online or at 951-684-4484 .