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Jail Is No Place For Your Loved One

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Dirty. Dark. Uncomfortable. Isolation. Dangerous. These are all terms that describe jail, where your loved one is right now. Yet, they shouldn’t have to be there. You can get them out of jail and back home to you where they are safe and surrounded by familiar friendly faces. You can remain protective over them this way. Under this uncomfortable legal situation, it’s most helpful if they are living in a familiar and comfortable setting. This way they prepare better for the coming days and have better nights of rest. Jail can make some people a little crazier and unfocused – don’t let that happen to your loved one.

For bail bond help, contact Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484. We will work with you to create a payment plan that is acceptable for you and your finances. We will not let you or your loved one down.

Bail  help is only a phone call away at Riverside Bail Bonds, call 951-684-4484 now.

Let Riverside Bail Bonds Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

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Can we at Riverside Bail Bonds give you a handful of things to worry less about? We know you’re going through a very difficult time right now with so many things to worry about regarding your loved one’s arrest. On top of that, you’ve got your own life to live and own things to do. Let us help you out!

Riverside Bail Bonds is a 28-year-old family-owned and run bail bond company. We serve the entire state of California and have offices in every county. We have over 120 licensed bail agents and representatives who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bail bonds we offer are personalized to each client’s financial needs, and all monthly payments will be kept low. There is zero interest, no down payment, and absolutely no hidden fees. All paperwork can be completed over the phone in less than 30 minutes but if we do need to arrange a face-to-face meeting, we’ll send our bail agent to meet you. Our agent will also be the one to transfer the paperwork to the jail. We accept various forms of payment such as all major credit and debit cards, check, and cash. Plus we have an online payment system for your convenience. We’ve got one heck of a diverse team so if you are not comfortable with English and prefer to communicate in another language, that’s no problem. Everyone on the Riverside Bail Bonds team promises friendliness, understanding, professionalism, fast service, and confidentiality.

So, now you know all you need to know about getting your loved one out of jail – that’s a huge weight off of you. What are you waiting for? Contact Riverside Bail Bonds immediately at 951-684-4484! We will take care of you and we will not let you down!

For the best affordable bail bond service in California, call Riverside Bail Bonds now at 951-684-4484.

Do You Need Professional Help?

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Sometimes, handling an issue by ourselves is not enough. Sometimes, getting help from friends or family is also not enough. It is these sometimes that you should seek professional help: a therapist, rehab, community support groups, a bail agent. These are the groups and individuals who can help you best because they are either trained to help in these situations or have/ are experiencing the exact same thing. Because you do not hold a personal relationship with them, they are not distracted with their personal emotions and feelings towards you – towards the situation, yes, but towards you, no. They have to prior relationship with you so they have a clean slate to work with in helping you. You will continue to have friends and family supporting you but it will be these strangers-turned-support-group who will make the big difference.

If you need professional bail help, contact Riverside Bail Bonds. Bail is expensive for most people, which is why bail bonds from bail agents and companies are the most common method for getting out of jail. We understand that you and/ or your friends and family may not be able to afford bail. We have personalized bail bond payment plans and we will find a way to help you out, no matter what it takes. We will take care of you and help get you out of jail. Riverside Bail Bonds will continue to root for you through this difficult time.

Call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484 and we will help you get through this difficult time.

You Might Not Know You’re Breaking These California Traffic Laws

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California has some pretty lax driving laws (California roll stop, lane splitting, going with the flow of traffic instead of the posted speed limit on freeways) but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get a ticket for them, and that definitely doesn’t mean you should ignore the ticket and not pay it. Plus, all the tickets you rack up could cause the police to put a warrant out for your arrest. Then you’re really in trouble.

That being said, you know all the major driving laws in California (or at least we hope you do). But here are some lesser known driving laws that we think are also important to be aware of:

  • Vehicles must display both a front and back license plate. Many cars lack the front plate.
  • GPS units may be attached to your windshield, but only in the bottom corners. You cannot put it in the middle. We’ve sat in so many cars where the unit is attached to the middle.
  • You must turn your headlights on when using your windshield wipers, even it it’s bright and sunny outside. We just need you to be safe!
  • If you’re wearing earplugs or a headset, you must have one ear left without, unless you’re an emergency vehicle.
  • You don’t need to be wearing shoes to be driving. (But it’s usually safer that you do, unless you’re wearing outrageously tall high heels or something.)

So, now that you know these, were you previously breaking any of these laws? (It’s okay if you were, but don’t do it again, and go get that second license plate for your car!)

Again, don’t let officers give you any reason to pull you over and serve you a ticket. Better safe than sorry. And if you have any outstanding tickets, you better go pay them now. Trust us, the police (and the DMV) are keeping tabs on your violations. We’d rather not bail you out of jail but if you are thrown in there, we can count on Riverside Bail Bonds to help you out.

Call Riverside Bail Bonds right now at 951-684-4484.

Can Someone Be Denied Bail?

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Bail is offered for most criminals but in extreme cases, a judge will deny bail altogether for a criminal deemed too dangerous and crime too horrendous.

For example, a man responsible for the awful death of a young 2 year old girl in Boston was denied bail. He was the boyfriend of the girl’s mother, who was given a $1 million bail. The man is charged with her murder and the mother is charged with accessory after the fact.

A judge determines bail by looking at the crime committed, the defendant’s past criminal history, his or her ties to the community, and how dangerous he or she is. For those who are offered bail, there are various options for paying bail like cash or a bail bond. A bail bond is secured through a bail bond company (like Riverside Bail Bonds) and can be paid off over a period of weeks or months. Bail bonds are generally more affordable and thus the more commonly used method of paying for bail.

If you would like to learn more about bail bonds or if you need one for yourself or a loved one who is currently sitting in jail, contact Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484.

Riverside Bail Bonds Will Help You Regardless Of Income

Riverside Bail Bonds

Regardless of your income, you are highly encouraged to post bail. No one should have to sit in jail, which is why we at Riverside Bail Bonds offer affordable alternatives for paying bail.

Just to be clear, even if you can afford to pay 100% of your bail, you can still contact Riverside Bail Bonds for the cheaper bail bond.

We offer personalized payment plans to fit every person’s financial situation. No matter what your situation is, we will find a way to help you out. We’re really not in this business for the money. We’re in this business because we love giving the help someone needs, and we love seeing your smiling faces after.

Don’t be ashamed to contact us and don’t be embarrassed of your income. We promise confidentiality and we promise to get you a bail bond you can afford. We will not let you down.

Bail  help is always only a phone call away at Riverside Bail Bonds, call 951-684-4484 now.

DUI And Bail

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Driving under the influence is a serious, dangerous crime. Literally paying for the consequences can be a huge financial loss: damaged property, loss of license, medical bills for yourself or another person, lawyers, and bail. Bail alone can be several hundred to several thousand dollars for a first offense. Bail increases if it is a second, third, or repeat DUI offense. Jail time might be tacked on at that point.

DUIs occur all too often and it pains us to see people putting themselves in these situations. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is scary enough but it opens the doors to so many other dangerous situations.

We hope you never have to contact us at Riverside Bail Bonds for a bail bond for yourself or someone you love but if you do, we promise to be there for you and get you what you need.

Call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484 now to get your FREE consultation. We’re open 24/7!

Remain Calm If You Are Stopped By Police

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If you are stopped by the police, it is very important that you remain calm and cooperative. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t want to give the police any reason to grow suspicious or worse, cuff you. Keep your hands where the officer can see them. Be respectful. If you wish not to answer anymore questions, let the officer know. If you are not being arrested, politely ask if you may leave.

Getting stopped by the police is intimidating to everyone whether they did something wrong or not but as long as you stay calm, it will go as smoothly as possible. Even if you do end up arrested for some reason, again, stay calm until you arrive at the station and can figure out with the office what is going on and what the next steps are – including posting bail.

Once all the processes at the jail is done, please contact Riverside Bail Bonds immediately so we can help get you out of jail as fast as you were brought in. Call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484, you can also chat with us online. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you cannot reach us, have someone on your behalf do so. We’ll be at your side in no time.

If you want the best bail bond service available in California, call Riverside Bail Bonds now at 951-684-4484.

Little-Known Benefits Of Bail Bond Store

Riverside Bail Bonds

Besides the obvious – getting out of jail – there are some other benefits to using a bail bond that you might not know about. Using bail bond benefits both the person the bail bond is for, and the public!

  • You get to return to work. You’ll earn your income that allows you to live comfortably. In jail, if you’re lucky enough to get a job, you’ll be paid very little (substantially less than you would at your real job).
  • Unlike people who are in jail, you won’t need to pay for basic items like soap and a few clothing items inmates are permitted to wear.
  • You get sufficient time and space to meet with loved ones, lawyers, therapists, whoever you need to. Visiting hours in jail are limited and there is no privacy.
  • The existence of bail bond companies creates hundreds of jobs for individuals who need one.
  • Bail bond agents are protective of their communities, knowing they can face consequences too if the defendant they bailed out gets in more trouble or does not go to court.

You can always find more information on bail and bail bonds by calling Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484. Riverside Bail Bonds is California’s best bail bond company who does everything right, well, and fast. Riverside Bail Bonds has more satisfied clients than other bail bond companies; if you need a bail bond, go to Riverside Bail Bonds. You won’t be let down.

Bail  help is only a phone call away at Riverside Bail Bonds, call 951-684-4484 now.

Why You Cannot Miss Court When You’re Out On Bail

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As you know, a bail bond gets you out of jail during the period of their trial on the condition that you promise to appear in court anytime you are requested. If you know ahead of time that there is a conflict with the court date and something in your schedule, you need to tell this to the court and the bail company as soon as possible. It is possible to have the court date changed but in case it isn’t, you will need to find a way to change your conflict. This is very important. If you do not show up in court (for any reason), you will be ordered to pay the full bail amount, and you will be taken back into police custody.

We at Riverside Bail Bonds really do not want to see this happen to anyone. We bail people out of jail and we enjoy seeing the happy reunions between the defendant and his or her loved ones. Seeing that person back in jail is saddening. Your Riverside Bail Bonds agent will be with you each step through the bail bond process and we really are here for you on your side, so don’t be hesitant to call us with questions or concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about Riverside Bail Bonds and the bail bond process, call 951-684-4484.

You Want To Know About California’s New Traffic Amnesty Program

Riverside Bail Bonds

California drivers, there’s a new program that can help you pay off outstanding tickets and still be in possession of your license. The program is identified as the California Vehicle Code 42008.8 and is a traffic ticket amnesty program.

By enrolling in this program, California drivers can have their license reinstated. They sign up for a payment plan to pay off all their outstanding traffic tickets. In addition, some may be eligible to have their fines slashed by as much as 80%. Even undocumented immigrants can be eligible for the program.

The program begins accepting applications on October 1, 2015. Currently, the program is scheduled to run until March 31, 2017. Make sure to do research and ask questions about the program and to see if you are eligible for the program.

Remember, anytime you receive a traffic ticket from the police, do not give them any reason to suspect anything more criminal of you. Do not turn a simple, routine traffic ticket order into an arrest. Things get much more complicated when it does… like having to pay for bail. Though, if this does happen to you or a loved one, your bail can be paid with a bail bond from Riverside Bail Bonds. You can contact Riverside Bail Bonds by calling 951-684-4484. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.

To learn more about our services, feel free to call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484. Consultation is always FREE!

What Are The Various Forms Of Bail?

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Not being able to afford bail may not be a problem – cash isn’t the only way you can pay for bail. It’s expensive and can be very tough to get that kind of money so quickly. Thankfully, there are various forms of bail so that everyone who is eligible for bail, has the opportunity to bail.

  • Cash Bail – as we said cash bail is the initial bail form. The defendant will pay the court 100% of the bail in cash. This cash bail is refundable as long as the defendant obeys the terms of his or her release.
  • Bail Bond – the defendant will get a bail bond from a bail bond company. The defendant pays a small premium fee to the company, much less than their actual bail amount. This premium is not refundable.
  • Property Bond – the defendant, or someone on their behalf, will pledge property, which will be returned as long as the defendant obeys the terms of his or her release.
  • Own Recognizance – the defendant actually does not need to pay anything. He or she signs a form promising to obey the terms of his or her release.
  • Federal Bond – these apply when a federal case is handled outside local or state jurisdiction. The defendant must have two people agree to sign the bond, acknowledging that they are 1) financially able to pay the full bail bond amount, and 2) will actually do so if the defendant does not obey the terms of his or her release.
  • Immigration Bond – these are generally more expensive than regular bail bonds, but still more affordable than cash bail. These are available only for immigrants.

Learn more about the different types of bail and bonds by contacting your Riverside Bail Bonds agent by calling 951-684-4484. Riverside Bail Bonds has a bail bond that can help you or a loved one in any situation. We won’t let you down!

If you want the best bail bond service available in California, call Riverside Bail Bonds now at 951-684-4484.