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Our bail bondsmen will walk you through the bail bonds process and answer any questions you might have about bail. At Riverside Bail Bonds, we believe in honesty and integrity and strive to treat all of our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve. You can always count on receiving the best bail bonds service available in California.

We have bail agents and offices located all over the state of California. This way, we can help you bail your friend or family member out of any jail or courthouse in the state. No matter where you or your loved one are in California, we can assist you.

When you have an emergency and need to get a loved one out of jail quickly, you can rest easy knowing the bail agents at Riverside Bail Bonds will be there for you. With our skilled and hardworking bail bondsmen, your friend or family member will be released from jail in no time at all.

Riverside Bail Bonds bail agents are ready and willing to help 24/7, so Chat With Us or call 951-684-4484 now.

Riverside Bail Bonds Bail Agents Are Here for You

Do you need a helping hand to bail someone you care about out of jail, if so then Riverside Bail Bonds is here for you.We are a family-owned bail bonds company and have been helping Californians bail their loved ones out of jail for nearly 30 years. We can easily help you rescue your loved one from jail in a timely manner.

We have the best bail agents in all of California working for us. We keep them at their peak levels by putting them through training every other year, this way you receive the best bail bonds services. With the skilled help of our bail bondsmen, getting your friend or family member out of jail is a snap.

Just give one of our bail agents the name of the loved one you are trying to bail out, his or her birthday, and the county of his or her arrest. Our bail agents at Riverside Bail Bonds will work tirelessly to get your loved one bailed out of jail as fast as they can. Depending on the county in which your loved one is being held, we can get your friend or family member out of jail in as little as 2 hours.

Call 951-684-4484 now and get the bail bonds process started right away.

Riverside Bail Bonds Is Always Here For You

When a friend or family member has been arrested, do not panic. You can easily receive high quality bail bonds help from Riverside Bail Bonds. We have been helping the people of California bail their loved ones out of jail since 1987. That gives us nearly 3 decades of useful bail bonds experience.

We have been a family-owned company since our founding 29 years ago. We have learned a lot of different techniques over the years that allow us to better help our clients and their loved ones. Our bail agents are available all day, every day, to help you and your loved one whenever you need it most.

Every other year, we train and retrain all of our bail bondsmen at Riverside Bail Bonds to keep them at their very best. When our bail agents are at the top of their game, you get the best bail service available in California. Our bail bondsmen can answer any questions you might have about bail bonds and walk you through the bail bonds process.

Call 951-684-4484 now to receive professional bail bonds help from a trained bail agent.

We Make Paying for a Bail Bond Easy for Our Clients

At Riverside Bail Bonds, we make paying for a bail bond easy for our clients. We offer payment plans, 0% interest bail bonds, and discounts for qualified clients. We will never surprise you with hidden fees like our competitors because we believe in working with honesty and integrity.

Our bail agents will work with you to create a personalized payment plan that works with your individual budget. If you have a co-signer is a member of the military, a member of AARP, is a homeowner, or has a private attorney, then you qualify for a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond.

You do not have to worry when your friend or family member has been arrested. You can count on Riverside Bail Bonds bail agents to be there when you need them most. Night or day, anywhere in California, we can help you bail out your loved one. Our skilled bail agents will always be available to offer their assistance.

Do not wait a minute more, call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484 or Chat With Us now.

Riverside Bail Bonds is Here to Help You and Your Loved Ones

Riverside Bail Bonds

If you have a friend or family member who has been arrested, you do not need to worry. Professional bail agents who are on your side are just a quick phone call away. Call Riverside Bail Bonds to receive fast, confidential, and courteous bail bonds service. Receive help from a trustworthy and reliable bail bonds company.

Our bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to always offer their assistance. We have offices located all over California. Our bail agents can help people all over the state bail their loved ones out of jail. No matter where in California, or when your friend or family member was arrested, you can rely on one of our bail agents to be there for you.

Unlike our competitors, we at Riverside Bail Bonds truly want to help our clients bail their loved ones out of jail. We will work with you to come up with a personalized payment plan so that you can afford to bail your loved one out of jail. We even offer 0% interest bail bonds and we will never surprise you with hidden fees. We tell you exactly how much you will have to pay to rescue your loved one from jail.

Call 951-684-4484 now for a free consultation with a trained bail bondsman.

Our Bail Agents Will Help You Find All of the Information On Your Loved One’s Arrest

Riverside Bail Bonds has been helping bail Californians out of jail for nearly 3 decades. Our bail agents have more knowledge and experience than any of our competitors do. Our bail bondsmen can get your friend or family member out of jail in as little as 2 hours, depending on the county of your loved one’s arrest.

Just give our bail agents your loved one’s name, birthday, and the county of his or her arrest. Our talented bail agents will use that small amount of information to locate your loved one in the county jail system and gather the rest of his or her info. Once we have all of the required information, we can begin working to bail your friend or family member out of jail.

No matter where in the state of California, or when your friend or family member was arrested, you can count on a bail agent from Riverside Bail Bonds to be there for you. Our bail bondsmen use their expertise knowledge to bail your loved one out of jail quickly and make the entire bail process easy for you.

Receive professional bail bonds help by contacting Riverside Bail Bonds now by Chatting With Us or calling 951-684-4484 .

What is Your Stance on CA Gun Laws? Ours Is Bail.

Riverside Bail Bonds

California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States. Do you agree or disagree? What is your argument on guns, where do you stand? What changes do you think need to be made?

We will leave all of those questions open for debate but unfortunately, there will never be a solid solution to gun laws that will please everyone. Guns are one of those serious topics and when they are misused and mishandled, serious consequences are waiting.

Honestly, there is a good chance bail will not be offered easily for anyone who violates gun laws, especially the more serious laws like gun storage, aggravated assault, rape, and murder.

However, this is not to say that all gun law violators are not given a bail option. Many people still are allowed to bail out of jail and if that is you, or someone you love, we urge you to contact Riverside Bail Bonds. We are the most trusted, reliable, and affordable bail bond company in the state. We will get you or your loved one out of jail in no time, allowing you, or him or her, to return home and prepare for the upcoming trial.

What is your stance on California gun lawsnow that you need a bail bond? Are they the same or have they changed? Our stance, no matter what, is bail.

Riverside Bail Bonds can be reached online or at 951-684-4484 24/7. Donot hesitate to contact us.

You Can Always Count On Riverside Bail Bonds

Riverside Bail Bonds

Riverside Bail Bonds is not your typical business that opens from 9 to 5. People need us at all hours of the day and often unannounced. Nobody plans to get arrested at 3:30 AM and no one has a scheduled call for later in the week to hear that their loved one is in jail. This all happens unexpectedly. That is why you can count on Riverside Bail Bonds 24/7.

We work around the clock just like the police, nurses, and doctors do. We are dozens of bail agents and we take care all of California. No matter where in the state you are, no matter what California jail your loved one is being held in, you can call Riverside Bail Bonds at any hour of the day, and we will come to your rescue.

Learn more about our professional services by chatting with an Riverside Bail Bonds team member online or calling 951-684-4484 .

Bail Bond Now, Worry Later

Riverside Bail Bonds

The countdown for July 4th fireworks has begun and it looks like the whole gang is a go. Wait, no. Someone is missing and you realize it is your friend who just got arrested.

No worries, he or she is not going to miss your 4th of July fun, not if we at Riverside Bail Bonds Store can help it. However, we will need your help too.

We need to know your friend’s name, birthday, and the county of his or her arrest. We may also need you, or someone else, to co-sign the bail bond and maybe pledge collateral too. Once you can help us finalize all of this paperwork, we will send the bail bond off to the jail immediately. They will process it, and within a few hours, your friend will be out. It would be a good idea for you to go pick your friend up from jail, it is a touch of support that they can use right about now.

When your I party is hip and happening, keep an eye on them and just be a good friend. Help him or her forget about this issue for a little while and just have fun together. After the bail bond process, he or she will still have quite a bit to take care of.

Riverside Bail Bonds can be reached online or on the phone at 951-684-4484 . Get in touch for a free consultation or to get a bail bond process started.We will not let you down.

How to Behave In Court

Riverside Bail Bonds

Growing up, we are all taught how to behave at home, in school, around friends, around strangers, but we are never taught how to behave in court as a defendant. This is because we are not expected to ever be in this position. And while we hope you never are, we are going to provide court etiquette tips anyway, because well, life likes to throw us curve balls every now and then.

  • Arrive on time, or earlier if possible.
  • Do not slouch, stand and sit straight.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Remove hats and sunglasses.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Speak only when prompted to and do so clearly.
  • Make eye contact with whom you are speaking to.
  • Silence phones and other devices.
  • Answer only what you are asked.
  • When answering yes or no, say the word instead of nodding or shaking your head.
  • Acknowledge the judge as Your Honor.
  • Remain calm and respectful.
  • If possible, leave your young children at home.

Standing in court is a serious thing and the judge and the jury are watching your every move. Representing yourself immaturely and sloppily will be a point against you.

Preparing for court is much easier when you are home and not sitting in jail. Riverside Bail Bonds can help bail you out of jail. You, or someone you know, will need to contact us online or at 951-684-4484 .

Learning How to Ask for Help Before It Is Too Late

Riverside Bail Bonds

Asking for help something many people wish they did, when it was already too late. Ultimately, not seeking help before it was too late could have spun from all kinds of reasons: being too proud, stubborn, embarrassed, or oblivious. Asking for help should not need complete defeat of the person. Asking for help, from the right people, is a good thing, because it shows that that person is willing to get better.

We think an overall consensus would be that most family and friends do not care who their loved one asks help from, just as long as they ask for it. So even if they approach strangers and/ or professionals in certain fields, it is perfectly acceptable.Friends and family will be relieved.

Frankly, those strangers and/ or professionals who are approached will be relieved too. Sure they may not know you personally, but they know the effort it takes for someone to come to them. It is a good sign. Trust us, Riverside Bail Bonds, as we get this kind of thing all the time. People come to us for bail bond assistance as soon as they possibly can, once they know they need a bail bond. We work just as quickly to get this thing going for them and within a short period of time, their loved one is out of jail.

If you are in the position of needing a bail bond, please ask Riverside Bail Bonds for help. We can be reached online or on the phone at 951-684-4484 .

Why You Need To Know About This Powerful New Gun Law in California

Riverside Bail Bonds

This year, California enacted numerous new gun laws including one that we consider to be rather powerful, but only powerful with the honesty of the public. Given recent events and mass shootings: Orlando in June 2016, UCLA in May 2016, San Bernardino in December 2015.We are growing confident in the success of this law.

Friends and family members of someone who owns a gun may report them to the police if they believe that person is planning to carry out an attack on somebody. Once the police are alerted, they will seize this person’s guns, without a warrant, for 21 days. During these 3 weeks, they will interrogate and investigate.

This law has the potential to save many lives and we hope it does. Even if friends and family are wrong and the suspect really is not planning harm, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if lives are at stake.

We will offer our bail bond services to you with a low monthly payment plan that works for you.

If you need to report a loved one, please call 911. If your loved one has already been arrested and is offered bail, please call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-684-4484 or chat with a representative online


Riverside Bail Bonds Will Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail in Time for the 4th

Riverside Bail Bonds

You are getting the whole gang together for Independence Day weekend, except one person is missing,your best friend. He or she is in jail and is struggling to find a way to bail out. Your friend cannot afford cash bail on his or her own, let alone with your help, anytime in the next few days, and cannot get ahold of a reliable bail bondsman.

Determined to get your friend out of jail in time for your July 4th celebrations, you start intense research and come across Riverside Bail Bonds. 24/7 availability. Free consultations. State-wide service. Affordable low monthly rate payment plans. No interest. No hidden fees. 29 years of successful industry experience. More satisfied customers than other bail bond companies.So far so good.

You contact Riverside Bail Bonds and get that free consultation they offered. Everything seems to check out and thankfully, they bailed your friend out of jail. Talk about reliability and fast-acting.

Riverside Bail Bonds is one of the top bail bond companies in all of California. Company bail agents and representatives do not take their sweet time. We understand the need to reunite you and your friend,we will not make you wait too long before your loved one is out of jail.

Get in touch with someone from Riverside Bail Bonds by ChattingWith Usor calling 951-684-4484 . We will not let you down.

4th of July Party Planning

Riverside Bail Bonds

Usually we go out to the big fireworks show on July 4th and watch the professionals light up the night sky for us. This year however, we decided to host our own party at home, inviting friends and family over to join in on the fun. We have started the party planning and were not too surprised to learn the following rules and regulations when it comes to purchasing and owning fireworks.

  • Only fireworks categorized as “Safe and Sane” can be purchased by the public. Safe and Sane fireworks are small sparklers and fuses, for example.
  • “Dangerous” fireworks are most fireworks like torpedoes, rockets, and large sparklers and these are not allowed to be sold to the public.
  • Safe and Sane fireworks may only be purchased between noon on June 28thand noon on July 6th. They may not be purchased at any other time of the year.
  • Safe and Sane fireworks may only be purchased from state-licensed retailers.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to purchase Safe and Sane fireworks.
  • Safe and Sane fireworks must not be played with and set off within distance of flammable material and other individuals. This could be disastrous.

We have come to accept that no one can ever set off their own big fireworks show because they are dangerous. Only professionals with a special license can do so and we are perfectly content with having only Safe and Sane fireworks.

If you are hosting your own 4th of July party, please make sure you have the legal fireworks and please use them safely and wisely. The last thing anyone wants is to end up in the hospital or in jail. However, do know that if someone in your party gets arrested, someone from our Riverside Bail Bonds team will leave our party immediately and to help you right away.

We want to help you bail your loved one out of jail ASAP. We can be reached 24/7 online or at 951-684-4484 . Someone is always ready to help.

CA Laws You Did Not Know You Were Breaking

Riverside Bail Bonds

Most laws that you should obey and not break are no brainers; do not steal, do not vandalize, do not trespass, and do not drink and drive. So, what you do in your regular routine is probably filled with things you are doing 100% right, however, you may be breaking some laws without even knowing it but do not worry, you are not the only one.

  • Any Mylar balloons,the foil kind, that hang out at 5 feet or more for advertising and promotional means, or totally releasing them into the air altogether, is illegal.
  • You may not bathe your babies,twins included, in the tub at the same time. One must go first, then the other.
  • Singing “Happy Birthday” is copyright infringement and so anytime you are singing it, you are breaking the law.
  • Using a fake name anywhere on the Internet is illegal, including using a fake name for Facebook and dating sites.

Though you have probably broken at least one of these multiple times, the happy birthday one, does not mean that next time it happens, you will be arrested. Frankly, it is highly unlikely you would be arrested for ever singing happy birthday to someone.

We thought it might be fun and interesting to know these.

If you, or someone you know, has been arrested for a serious crime, than Riverside Bail Bonds can definitely help with the bail bonds procedure.

Please contact our offices at 951-684-4484 or chat with one of our helpful representatives online.