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Riverside Bail Bonds Will Help You Protect Your Right to Bail,and to Vote

Riverside Bail Bonds

The United States Presidential election is only a few weeks away, and we would like to remind you that if you have been arrested, but not yet convicted, you still can vote.However, you cannot vote from behind bars, so you will need to bail out of jail first. Riverside Bail Bonds can get you to […]

CA Felon Voting Rights May Soon Change

Voting rights for some convicted felons in California could soon change – possibly. Currently in California, the law only allows convicted felons to vote only when they have been released from jail and completed parole; their voting rights are automatically restored upon completion. But now there’s a new bill (AB2466) that petitions to give felons […]

If I’m In Prison, Or Just Getting Out Of It, Can I Vote?

Riverside Bail Bonds

As you might guess, being incarcerated removes many rights of a person, including voting. But actually, each state sets its own standards on whether prisoners may vote. And if they cannot vote while in prison, they also set its own standards on when they regain the right to vote when they are released from prison, […]

Can You Vote? All These Say Yes!

Riverside Bail Bonds

The Presidential Election is only a few months away, and for eligible voters, it is quite an exciting time. From first-time voters, to those seeking to elect a candidate who can make a positive difference, it is sure to be quite the election. Here are some voting rights you may or may not know about: […]