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UCLA Shooting – Please Know the Gun Laws of California

As you are aware, just a few weeks ago, a murder-suicide shook the UCLA community. A student shot his professor before turning the gun on himself. Over the course of the investigation, the police found additional weapons in the suspect’s car and home, and also found another victim in his home. The suspect had planned […]

Who You Can Call When You are Arrested

Getting arrested is a very scary thing for the person actually getting arrested, but as long as they know who they can call and rely on for help, they will be okay. These people include Mom and Dad and best friends. This close group of people will be able to calm you down, and reassure […]

Calm Down, You Know What to Do

Question: How do I know I found the right bail bonds company? Answer: Do research.Do not just commit to the first company you come across. Ask what they will charge you and how long it will take to get your loved one out of jail, and importantly, look at reviews on the company. Compare and […]

Looking Back: Your Arrest Makes a Good Story

If you really want an exciting and entertaining story to tell your friends, you can tell them about the day you got arrested. Your day started out well. Then something happened and before you knew it, you were sitting in the back of a cop car on your way to jail. Hours passed. More hours […]

Do Not Blow Up Your 4th of July Weekend

You know how when a person is told they cannot do something or they cannot have something, it makes them want to do it or have it even more? It applies to fireworks too. They look extremely fun to set off and we are sure they are, for the licensed professionals. However, they are also […]