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While we always tries to make plans, life has a way of messing those plans up. Sometimes this is done in little ways, like leaving your cell phone someplace and having to go back for it. Then there are the times when life throws a real curveball your way. This could be something like getting a flat tire, or a family member getting arrested.

When you first learn of the arrest, you don’t know what to do. You want to help, but you don’t know how. You’ve heard of bail before, but you now realize that it was never actually explained to you. Not once in school, or anywhere else, was bail taught to you. The only reason you know about it is due to television.

Well, luckily for you, you’ve stumbled on to Riverside Bail Bonds. We are a bail bond company that has been assisting Californians with bail for over 30 years. We know everything there is to know about bail, and will be more than happy to share this information with you.

Bail is a simple concept. It is the idea of exchanging an assigned amount of money in return for someone’s freedom. It also comes with a promise that the person released from jail will return for all of their court dates. If that is accomplished, the money will be returned to the person at the end of the trial. The problem lies in the fact that bail needs to be expensive to ensure that the person paying it actually returns to court so they can get their money back in the end. If the amount was too small, they wouldn’t care if they didn’t get it back, and would never return to court.

Another problem with bail, is the fact that it has to be paid in cash, all at once. Bail itself cannot be paid off with a payment plan, and due to the typically large cost, most people cannot afford to post bail. This is where bail bonds come into play.

A bail bond is an agreement between a bail agent and a client. The bail agent agrees to pay the full amount of the bail for the client. In return, the client only has to pay 10% of the bail amount to the agent. The 10% is considered payment for the bail agent’s services and is not returned at the end of the person’s trial. However, unlike when paying for bail, a bail bond can be paid off with a payment plan, thus making it even more affordable.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how bail works, you know how you will need to proceed in order to help get your family member out of jail. You know that you want to contact a bail agent in order to reduce the amount of money that is needed to post bail. The best way to get in touch with a professional bail agent is to contact Riverside Bail Bonds. our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be found all over the state of California.

If you need bail help, click Chat With Us or call 951-684-4484 now for a free consultation.

California’s 2018 Minimum Wage

California’s 2018 Minimum Wage

Well, it’s the start of a new year, and for Californians that means another increase in the state’s minimum wage. This increase was brought on by Governor Brown’s signing of SB 3 back in 2016. The bill made it so that at the start of each new year, the minimum wage would increase slightly until it reached $15 per hour in 2022.

This year, the minimum wage increases to $11 an hour for all companies that have 26 or more employees. Companies that have 25 or less employees have a minimum wage of $10.50 an hour. The reason for the pay difference between these two companies is that the smaller ones will likely have a harder time being able to afford the pay increase for their employees. This is why the state of California has given smaller companies an extra year to reach the goal minimum wage of $15 an hour.

While this pay increase is nice for many people out there, it has many business owners concerned. There are many companies out there that simply cannot afford to pay these kinds of wages, which is leading them toward automation, downsizing, or even going out of business. Many fast food companies are considering using kiosks instead of cashiers to take orders, thus reducing the amount of money they need to pay for labor.

At least now some people will actually be able to make a living wage working at their job, so long as the company can afford to pay it. This should be a good thing for many Californians, but only time will tell if that will be true.

What is Love?

What is Love

We, as a society, are obsessed with love. Love is everything, and is connected to the meaning of life, yet how do we define it? Places all over the world have different descriptions for it. Even in languages there are different meanings for the simple word.

According to Google, love is an intense feeling of deep affection or is when you feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment. With this broad definition, it’s no wonder that so many people are confused about what love is. The Greeks have several different types of love that help define the feeling. According to Psychology Today these types of love are:

  • Eros – Sexual love
  • Philia – Friendship love
  • Storge – Family love
  • Agape – Universal love
  • Ludus – Playful/Uncommitted love
  • Pragma – Practical love
  • Philautia – Self love

In the Spanish language there are also two types of love. You can either say “teamo” or “tequiero” both say, “I love you”, however they hold different meanings. According to English to Spanish Raleigh, a translation service, “tequiero” would be a love that you have for your best friend. “Teamo” would be appropriate to use towards your spouse or family.

Across the world in different languages we try to describe love in many ways. We say, “I love you” in thousands of ways. Our obsession with finding love has driven us to do incredible things. With all of us looking for love, it’s crazy to think that every person’s love is completely different from one another.

Dating Apps Influence

Dating Apps Influence

In today’s modern and fast paced world it makes sense that we’ve started online dating and using dating apps. We used to write love letters, now we write witty text messages. Dating apps help get us out there. They’re a great way to let the digital world know that you’re ready to mingle. Unfortunately, dating apps seem to have lessened the meaning of a relationship since we can easily swipe right on to the next person.

We live in the age where it’s not embarrassing to have an online dating profile. It’s normal for a person to have multiple profiles across different sites. There is a dating app for just about any diverse groups. For example, if you like to smoke marijuana, there’s a dating app for that. As well as if your diet is gluten free, there’s a specific dating app for you as well. The possibilities are endless.

Vanity Fair released an article titled “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse’” which discussed the influence dating apps have on relationships. We’re in a “hook-up culture” according to the article. The use of these apps could be just for sex, or to actually find love. These apps make it as if you’re “basically ordering a person.” With these apps we’re also experiencing a whole other level of superficiality.

Dating Apps typically have the setup of either swipe left for no, or swipe yes to be matched. All you get to see of a person is a short bio and maybe three pictures. That’s all you get when you have to decide whether or not you want to be matched with someone. If you are matched, when the person you swiped right on swiped right on your picture too, you are then allowed to have an actual conversation with them. You can match with several hundred people, all based on looks.

Dating apps have created the ideal world for short-term relationships. The dating game has changed all because the accessibility to it that we have at our finger tips.

Awkward Conversations Before Spring Break Begins

Riverside Bail Bonds

When you hear Spring Break you think of one thing: your college kid going out each day to the beach with alcohol, and then hitting the club at night with alcohol. The scenery may differ but there is always alcohol, your kid’s friends, who you may or may not know, and more college-aged kids who you definitely do not know. You do not know their motives, which worries you.

The challenge you face is this: figuring out how much you need to be the helicopter parent and how much of a cool parent you can be. You want your child to enjoy their Spring Break, but at the same time, you really want to have one more uncomfortable talk with them before they head off for the parties. You want to talk about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and strangers. You want to tell them to never take a drink from a stranger, and never get in the car with a driver who is even only buzzed and not fully drunk.

We say to go for that one extra discussion. Your child may already know everything you are going to say again, and they may just roll their eyes at you and say “I knowww” but it never hurts to repeat it one more time. This time, your words can be the reason they make the right choice. Plus, you will feel better after giving them the talk, even if they have already shown they know and are antsy to get going.

Here is a tip – finish off the conversation by telling them you trust them and want them to have a good time. That is a good trick to ending a slightly awkward conversation on a positive note.

Let your college kid go off on Spring Break and have fun. Heck, you remember your college days, don’t you? Just make sure to have a little conversation with them beforehand. The last thing anyone wants is for you to have to bail them out of jail in the middle of break.

Bail Your Easter Bunny Out of Jail!

Riverside Bail Bonds

If tradition has it that your husband plays the role of the Easter Bunny every year, then it would just be wrong to have someone else stand in for the role this year as your husband sits in jail. Your husband is a father and even an uncle, he does not deserve to miss out on bringing laughter and smiles to the kids! His mistake was one small mishap that you all know is not typical of him. He is already being punished enough, and will continue to deal with the consequences later on.He knows this and will take responsibility for his actions when that time comes. For now, he deserves to be bailed out of jail in time for Easter.Riverside Bail Bonds, can help make that happen.

We provide families with bail bonds, which are the alternative to posting 100% cash bail. When you pay cash bail, a person cannot be released until 100% of the bail is paid. With a bail bond, loved ones will work with an Riverside Bail Bonds team member to do the paperwork.This includes jotting down contact information, co-signing the contract, and creating a customized payment plan. Our bail bonds cost 10% of the full bail amount,so if the bail is $100,000, then the bail bond is $10,000 and remember that this $10,000 is paid off in increments.

Once the paperwork is done between you and us, it is transferred to the jail where it will be processed. Then, your loved one will be released. Payments according to the agreed upon payment schedule will continue even after the defendant is released.

You see how bail bonds are more affordable and flexible, and how they will allow your husband to come home in time to put on that bunny outfit for Easter?

Riverside Bail Bonds is available 24/7 and consultations are free. Whenever you are ready, do not hesitate to reach out to us online or at 951-684-4484 .

Get Your Partner Home in Time for Easter

Riverside Bail Bonds

Easter Sunday is a family holiday. You spend the day helping your children dye Easter eggs without making too much of a mess, hunting for candy-filled Easter Eggs before the others find them, visiting the Easter Bunny, and devouring a delicious family meal that no one else can beat. This is not a day you would want your husband or wife missing out on because they are in jail. How are you going to explain their absence to your children? Even if you did not say anything, children are intuitive and they will notice that someone important in their life someone who makes Easter so great, is missing.

No worries, you can bring your partner home in time for the Easter celebrations! If you thought affording their bail would be an issue, think again. It will be easy when you have Riverside Bail Bonds guiding you through the process. At Riverside Bail Bonds, we will provide you with an affordable bail bond and a custom payment plan that is tailored to your financial needs and situation. Once paperwork is completed and the jail has processed the proper forms and information, your partner will be out of jail and on their way to you, your children, and the Easter celebrations. After your loved one is freed, you will just need to stay on top of your payment schedule, make sure your partner appears for court as scheduled, and make sure they abide by any other release terms and conditions.

Please note that Riverside Bail Bonds bail bonds cost 10% of the full bail amount, and this 10% is not refundable like 100% cash bail, which is actually harder to meet for many people, but financing is available. Besides, the smile and laugh from the kids and the family on Easter is priceless. Getting to bring your loved one home is an act that you cannot question.It is necessary, not just for Easter, but every day. They would miss out on so much if they were in jail.

What are you waiting for? Let us get your loved one bailed out of jail now! Riverside Bail Bonds can be reached 24/7, both online, and at 951-684-4484 .

No Child Left Behind

Riverside Bail Bonds

As the weather begins to warms up again here in Southern California, we would like to remind parents that convenience is not always the better option, especially when it comes to your kids. It could be the line that defines whether you are a good or bad parent!

For example, you just picked up your 5 year old from pre-school. You need to make a quick stop at the store to buy toilet paper before you go home. You have two scenarios:

1. Bring your child into the store with you and possibly deal with their crying, screaming, running around, nonstop talking, grabbing and breaking things, etc. Imagine the most nightmarish trip to the store.
2. Leave your child in the car and you will be in and out of the store in 10 minutes. Easy peasy!

Well, unless your child is 7 years old or older, you must go with option 1 because in There is no formal definition of a sanctuary city except that it is one that protects immigrants by not fully cooperating with ICE., it is illegal to leave a child 6 years old or younger unattended in the car unless they are supervised by someone at least 12 years old. At the same time though, you will need to consider your child’s responsibility and maturity level, and their willingness to be left alone in the car if they are 7 years or older. It could be that your 9 year old son is too immature to be left alone in the car for 10 minutes, or he feels uncomfortable left alone in the car for that long.

Moreover, if it is a hot sunny day outside, the car gets heats up quickly. This builds a dangerous environment for anyone inside the car, especially young children.

Violators of California’s laws regarding children left alone in cars can face fines. In more serious scenarios, child endangerment charges can be brought forth, which is punishable with jail time. You may think that leaving your child alone in the car is harmless, but things can go the wrong way very quickly.

Still Time to Use your Tax Return for Bail

Riverside Bail Bonds

Most of us by now, have had our tax return directly deposited in the bank. Sweet! “Free” money! Have you thought about what you are going to do with the money? Will you save it? Will you spend it? Will you divvy it up for various needs and wants? What about making the bail bond payment that you have scheduled?

Tax return money is acceptable money for bail bond payments. As soon as the transaction has cleared and the money is deposited into your account, then it is 100% your money to use as you like. Just like you have been paying your previous bail bond payments with your cash, check, or credit or debit card, you can use your tax return money in this way as well.

Even if you are up-to-date on bail bond payments, it never hurts to get ahead or budget ahead. This will be beneficial to you because it is one stressful thing that you can put behind you, sooner, so you can then turn your attention toward other needs.

One of the best things about using a bail bond to get your loved one out of jail is that Riverside Bail Bonds will set you up with a custom payment plan. Mark your calendar for when payments are due to avoid falling behind because the consequences are not too friendly.

If you ever need to consult your Riverside Bail Bonds agent during the process, they are available and ready to help. Just call 951-684-4484 or chat with the agent online.

LA Signs New Directive Order to Protect its Residents, Regardless of Immigration Status

Riverside Bail Bonds

You know how there has been a lot of news and talk lately surrounding the discussion of immigration? Well, there is even more news. Now, Los Angeles police and city employees will not enforce federal immigration laws, as ordered by the new executive directive that Mayor Eric Garcetti just signed. The directive also says that all residents of the city, no matter immigration status, will have equal and fair access to city services.

Los Angeles is a city of many immigrants and it vows to protect its residents. This melting pot of cultures is what makes Los Angeles the thriving, budding city it is. The city is critical of immigration agents, who can technically, legally, identify themselves as police officers, which may or may not sway an immigrant’s interaction with them. An immigrant can feel a little more secure with a police officer and reveal their immigration status, only to later on learn they were tricked and this “police officer” was really an immigration agent. The Los Angeles police department is against this policy from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This is not the first time the LAPD has been ordered to stand up to ICE. This goes back to 1979 and it is not just Los Angeles who has not 100% cooperated with ICE. Many other cities across the nation have similar policies and directives in place for their own police and city employees. Many of these cities, such as Berkeley, Portland, and Seattle, are actually known as sanctuary cities. There is no formal definition of a sanctuary city except that it is one that protects immigrants by not fully cooperating with ICE.

The signed directive does not just cover the LAPD either. It extends to include air and sea police and the LA Fire Department. Employees of all of these departments will not be enforcing certain immigration laws.

The City of Los Angeles hopes that its people feel safer and can trust the city and its police to protect and look out for them, regardless of their immigration status.

About Copyright Infringement

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These days, what can’t you find on the Internet? More people are bidding farewell to cable TV, movie theaters, music stores, book stores, and video game stores. They are, instead, opting to find this content on the Internet for free. Even though nearly everyone you know does this, and as easy as it is to access this information, it does not negate the fact that it is illegal since it is copyright infringement. You may not have gotten in trouble legally for this yet and you have been doing it for years, but it is still copyright infringement.

Anytime you copy, display, distribute, or sell a creative work, songs, movies, books, etc., that you did not create yourself, it is copyright infringement. The copyright belongs to the original creator or owner of the content, like the author of a book or the singer of the song; they own the rights. Songs, for example, are to be purchased on a CD or a music-streaming service. If you find one to download for free from an illegitimate source, it is copyright infringement because you do not have an official right to access it.

Offenses for copyright infringement can vary, and it generally is based on the value of what was infringed upon. For example, if a person displayed 15 copies of a movie online, the total retail value could be a few thousand dollars. This would give them a few years in prison. If the person displayed 100 movies online, the retail value of that increases, and so does their prison sentence.

People tend to think they are invincible in these situations and will not get caught, but the truth is, the police do arrest individuals for copyright infringement, and the defendant never suspected it.

Bail bonds are available to those who are granted bail, and we at Riverside Bail Bonds can assist with this.

If you ever need us, we can be reached online or at 951-684-4484 .

Think Before You Post on Social Media

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Social media has aided the police in making arrests.Do not put yourself in a position to be one of these people. You could post something where you think, “I can’t get in trouble for posting this.” You could have posted a photo of you staring at a breathtaking view, but to get to that view, you had to trespass onto private property. Posting this photo may not resonate as a risk to you because so many people before you have done it. Plus, the police have more pressing matters to attend to, right?

Believe it or not, the police are growing departments that are dedicated to filtering through social media. Yes, they are looking for content like threats or evidence for an existing case,but they may happen upon an otherwise harmless post, like your beautiful Instagram photo, and they can take this up with you.

Additionally, you may never know what the public will say. Your content can go viral enough where the police feel the need to intervene and address the matter.

You may not have done any harm and you may not be a threat to other people, but trespassing is illegal and it most definitely can get you into some form of legal trouble. That is why we are telling you to always be mindful about what you post on social media.

If you, or a loved one, ever need to be bailed out of jail for any reason, Riverside Bail Bonds can get the job done fast and affordably.

Learn more about our services, and get a free consultation, by contacting us online or at 951-684-4484 .